Bend nose ring (How to adjust to your liking.)

Hello, we understand all our customers have different shape nose and all shape is beautiful.


Important note


This batch of nose stud,  we discovered some of the L shape is a little too long, we’re working on making the next batch better.


. The size is 20mm long.


A tip is just to push it to the side of your nose. It is still beautiful it just a little longer than our other ones.


Another thing we were going to say You can cut it or bend  it yourself.


I bend my nose ring and adjust it to the size of my nose.


if you have a question please message me.


However, we don’t want you to break it. A professional can do it for you. If you don’t feel safe)


a picture is added to show which part is safe to bend if you do it gently. I bend it to my liking.