Evil eye nose cuff

14k gold plated wire, copper wire nickel free 

Nickel and lead free



Handmade items

♥ Dear buyer just for knowledge:

All pieces are created by hand, so there can be slightly difference between 2 pieces.

Please allow for slight differences from what is shown in the photos..


What do the evil eye nose colors mean?

In Greece and many other cultures that believe in the evil eye, the most popular color is a deep blue, just like the Greek seas. This sapphire or cobalt blue is the classic interpretation, but over the years many other colors have come to symbolize different meanings. Below are some of the most popular colors and what they mean




- Happiness and protection

- Motivation for commitment

- Increase creativity and playfulness


Dark Blue

- Karma and fate protection

- Calm and relaxation

- Open flow of communication


Light Blue

- General protection 

- Broadening your perspective

- Solitude and peace



Dark Green
- Garners happiness 

- Balance in your life

- Freedom to pursue new ideas



- Brings you courage

- More enthusiasm and energy

- Protection from fears and anxieties




- Protection from the elements

- Connection with nature

- Orderliness and convention




- Boost your imagination

- Re-balance your life

- To remove obstacles



Yellow or Gold

- Protect your health

- Relief from exhaustion

- Sharper mind and concentration



Light Green

- Success with your dreams

- Enjoyment and contentment 

- Good health



Purity and focus

- Clear clutter and obstacles

- To start fresh



Protect your friendships 

- Calming feeling

- Content and relaxation



For power


Light pink.

Calming feeling; Content and relaxation



Is for manifestation

Openness to new situations

- Reduce the intensity of another color


A great alternative to a nose piercing! Each nose cuff design is unique and custom made to you!