Posted by YoniDa’Punani on 4th Nov 2022

10 of the Best Destinations in the World to Buy Jewelry

In this video, we are going to talk about, “10 of the Best Destinations in the World to Buy Jewelry".

10. The Gold Souk, Dubai:

9. Santa Fe, New Mexico:

8. Marrakech, Morocco:

There are a lot of fantastic places to shop for jewelry in Marrakech, and the Jewish area known as Mellah is where you'll find the majority of the city's gold for sale.

7. Geneva, Switzerland:

6. Jerusalem, Israel:

In Jerusalem, you may get some of the most exquisite and expensive jewelry in the world.

5. Paris, France: 

4. Cape Town Central, South Africa:

3. St. Maarten, Caribbean: 

2. Las Vegas, Nevada: 

1. New York: There are some jewelry stores in New York City that simply cannot be topped, despite the fact that New York City is a wonderful destination to shop for pretty much anything

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