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Body Jewelry Holiday Gifts Buying Guide

Buy the best jewelry from Yonidapunani as gifts for your friends, colleagues, and spouse with this uniquely curated buying guide.

Body jewelry are ornaments that beautify your look and present you with outstanding traits. Choosing the perfect body jewelry for yourself, friends or colleagues can be challenging - please read our guide to learn how to select the best and ideal body jewelry for yourself or whoever you may want to purchase a gift for.

Please check our body jewelry types and measurements below. This will help you with choosing the right body jewelry dimensions and thickness that will work well for you.

In this holiday gifts buying guide, here is what you should follow to purchase the perfect body jewelry for yourself and your loved ones.

When to buy new body jewelry

Body jewelry measurement & dimension 

How to choose body jewelry

Choosing a style that fits your personality Understand different types of body jewelry Choose the material that fits you

Select the body jewelry size How to choose a piercer

How to take care of your piercing Your budget

Products by piercing

Birthday gifts and presents

Yonidapunani products that are a must

When to Buy New Body Jewelry

Your jewelry is old and has lost its shine.

You no longer feel a fresh vibe whenever you wear it. Your jewelry doesn't support your job anymore.

You want to make an upgrade to your current jewelry. There is a new product that appeals to you more.

Want to gift your friends or colleagues.

How to choose Body Jewelry

Yonidapunani prides itself with providing you with all the information you need to make your holiday buying a fantastic experience. Choosing the right body jewelry involves making sure it fits your style and you pick the material that works best for you.

If you follow our guide, you'll be able to choose the perfect jewelry that fits and gives you the vibes and feels you desire.

The first step to choosing body jewelry is to determine the placement. The placement of your piercings will determine the style and type of body jewelry you will wear. For instance, Daith piercings differ from tragus; likewise, nostril piercings will require more specific jewelry. The good news is that Yonidapunani is here to help you with choosing the best body jewelry for your piercings.

Another vital thing to consider is size. When it comes to body piercing, size matters a lot, as it will determine your comfort. The size has to do with the gauge and length of your piercings.

Typically, the gauge is used to specify the thickness of jewelry, usually written G, while some online vendors and retailers use millimeters mm. Below are the standard sizes in gauge G and millimeters mm.

Body Jewelry Measurement & Dimension

Body jewelrysize in G and mm

Nostril 22G (.5 mm)

Nostril 20G (.81mm)

Nostril 18G (1.00mm)

Ear Lobe 18 G(1.00mm)

Ear Cartilage 16 G (1.20mm)

Eyebrow 16 G (1.20mm)

Septum 16 G(1.20mm)

Tongue 14 G (1.60mm)

Nipple 14 G (1.60mm)

Belly 14 G (1.60mm)

From the above-listed body jewelry and sizes in G and mm, your piercer should tell you where your piercing falls and how to make the right choice. Also know that some sizes are available in all piercings however the jewelry can be a rare find so make sure you discuss the size you decide on with your piercer to know if you will be able to switch it out often.

The next phase of this holiday buying guide is deciding your finishing. While there is quite a lot of finishings, it's crucial to select a finishing you love and would put on any time of the day.

Gold, titanium, and surgical steels work perfectly and supports many finishings found in the Yonidapunani online store.

Finally, you're to buy many of the designs and styles below; they are perfect for the holiday and would be amazing as gifts and presents to friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

Choosing a Style That Fits Your Personality

If you are new to body jewelry, finding the right style of jewelry can be a daunting task. Since your style and personality are unique to you, you are the best one to decide what speaks best for you.

We have curated a holiday buying guide to help you purchase the perfect body jewelry that fits your personality and style. Feel free to follow this guide to deciding which unique body jewelry works for you.

If people tell you that you are naturally born a leader, then going bold with our classic body jewelry would make sense.

If you are identified as someone who teaches, has empathy, and is a caregiver, opting for a romantic (hearts and circles) piece of jewelry would make all the difference.

If you love trying out new things and feel excited about the future, you are a big thinker silver jewelry will work best for you.

If you appear independent and somewhere between extrovert and you never stay in the middle of any challenge, large hoops and large nose rings would fit your style.

Naturally loving, artistic, and spirited to flow in any circumstances unique metals like rose gold would make all the difference for you.

If you can't find yourself in any of the above categories, no worries we have something for you it’s just going to take you leading with your heart and going for what speaks to you.

Before you choose any body jewelry, ensure your skin tone suits your body type and fits your style and vibe.

To know your skin tone, check the following.

  • If your veins appear purple or blue, boom, you have a Cool Skin Tone

  • If your veins look greenish blue or just green, boom, you have a Warm Skin Tone

  • If you can't tell whether your veins are blue or green, boom, you have a Neutral Skin Tone

After knowing your skin tone, you'll know which metal tone works perfectly with your skin. Below are specific unique metal tones to quickly highlight your natural tone.

Warm Skin Tones will naturally complement Rose Gold and Yellow Jewelry.

Cool Skins will, no doubt, complement with white metals as we have seen in Silver and White Gold.

Natural Skin Tones can go with all the above plus navy, cool gray, and bright white, as it may look on your skin.

If you have identified your tone in this holiday buying guide, then any of these options would match your style and personality.

Flora Nose Hoop


Raised Fist Bundle


Kitty Very Detailed Nose Studz Rhinestones


Understand Types of Body Jewelry

If you want to buy the right body jewelry, the first task is knowing the types of body jewelry available to you. In this holiday buying guide, we have highlighted the modern body jewelry you can find in our store.

The most purchased body jewelry is captive bead rings, navel curves, barbells, labrets, spirals, plugs, and many more unique types you will discover along the way.

Since we have identified the best material for body jewelry, surgical steels, glass, and sometimes plastics are some materials you can also purchase for short-term usage, especially plastic and glass.

Remember to check out the thickness in gauge or millimeter to avoid buying an oversized or too small jewelry type. Yonidapunani got you covered if you want the team to select for you.

Below are some of the best body jewelries from the types we have discussed so far.

Choose the Material That Fits You.

At Yonidapunani, we sell only quality body jewelry that is safe to use on all body piercings. This, among many other reasons, we sell body jewelry made from quality nickel-free metals. At Yonidapunani we offer jewelry in gold, gold plated, sterling silver, titanium, copper, brass, stainless steel, and surgical steel.

The products you will find at Yonidapunani meet industry standards. Our jewelry is safe for all types of skin; however, we know that some people are extremely sensitive so we also offer hypoallergenic jewelry. If you are not sure if you have a skin sensitivity or not, we suggest starting with the hypoallergenic jewelry then do a skin test with your doctor.

Here are examples of different products we offer in different types of materials.

Please check out our blog on how to take care of each individual type of jewelry

How to Choose a Piercer

When getting a new body piercing or body jewelry, it's advised that you seek a professional body piercer who knows the nitty gritty of body piercings. Do personal research on the best piercing professional in your area. Look for those who have done the style of piercing you are opting for. Ensure the piercer aligns with OSHA regulations, the United States Department of Labor, Occupational Health, and Safety Administration.

If you find a good piercer for your piercing, check if the place is hygienic enough and uses sterile instruments, disposable needles, and new jewelry. The piercer where you want to carry out the new body piercing should enlighten you on essential routine aftercare best practices and give you information that will be helpful during your healing time. You should have easy access to the piercer whenever the need arises.

Another important thing you should know is that body piercings are regulated in some states; confirm if you can do it without restriction in the state where you live. Your body anatomy is another crucial thing you should consider before opting for a body piercing; check if you're allergic to metals. A sure way to know this is by checking how long you can stay with the usual piercings you have already, like the earrings.

If you have understood what's written above, here are other things you should look out for when considering a place for your piercing:

  • The place should be outstandingly clean.

  • The piercer washes his or her with wears fresh and germicidal soaps or wears hand gloves during the process.

  • The shop should have an autoclave or a sterilizing machine to keep the item sterilized and sealed.

  • The piercer doesn't use a piercing gun.

  • The piercer uses a new needle.

  • The piercer uses disposable or sterilized materials/instruments.

  • The piercer doesn't just follow his or her procedure, but the procedure led down by the piercing shop.

How to Take Care of Your Piercing

To take care of your piercing and achieve pain-free aftercare best practices, it's essential you follow the following:

Preventive measures can be costly to pursue, but the result is priceless.

While experts in the field have many dos and don'ts, you must follow through with what your piercers advise since they know your anatomy.

The goal is to stay healthy before and after getting pierced, so before getting pierced, ensure you ask your piercer to use a needle, not a piercing gun, since the piercing gun forces the earring through your body which usually causes pain and sometimes damage.

If your piercing is done with a needle, you have more chance of a pain-free healing experience.

That said, if your piercer follows what we have analyzed so far, then following these simple guidelines will help you take care of your piercing stress-free

  • Clean your new piercing with saline water and salt

  • Wash your hands regularly to avoid contacting germs

  • Wear gloves or hand sanitizers whenever you want to clean your piercing

  • If you notice any pain or pulse, contact your piercer immediately for observations and proper medication

  • Do not carry out a piercing alone at home without a certified piercer.

  • If you decide to change your jewelry, please visit your piercer to do that for you until it fully heals.

Once your piercing heals:

  • If you're a sports person, especially a swimmer, kindly remove your jewelry before entering the pool.

  • Always store your jewelry in a cool, dry place; dark places are the most preferable.

  • Always remove your jewelry if you are making your hair with chemicals.

  • Do not touch your jewelry whenever you are preparing food that contains acid.

  • Since sweat may cause a tarnish, ensure you remove your jewelry during a workout.

  • Do not keep your jewelry in chlorinated water for a long time.

Before getting pierced, make sure you stay dehydrated and also avoid alcohol to avoid excessive bleeding.

If you do this your piercing should heal in a timely manner. Speaking of healing once you have waited the suggested amount of time from your piercer you can now look into purchasing your new bling.

Your Budget

In preparing for your holiday gift buying/shopping, you don't need to rob a bank before buying beautiful jewelry for your friends, colleagues, and spouse or for personal use at Yonidapunani online store.

Yonidapunani knows how important it is to stay within budget. Therefore, we offer amazing deals for you so that you not only purchase top quality jewelry but also not break your wallet.

Here are a few tips to help with sticking with your budget.

Sign up for our Style Mail. We are always emailing deals and sales. You also get a special code when you first sign up that you can use at any time.

Use the favorites option.

If there is something you love, add it to your favorites, as you continue to browse the rest of the site. Once you are done adding to your favorites, go back to it and add pieces to the cart. This way you can keep up with how much you are spending and know when to come back to get the other pieces in your saved favorites. Just be careful when you see any that are less than 5 in stock. Chances they won’t be available in the next hour or so, so we suggest getting those first.

Products by Piercing

We want to ensure that your buying process is accessible by curating the body jewelry based on piercing types. If your piercing falls into any of the categories below, you only need to purchase it with a few clicks. Buying from the Yonidapunani store keeps you protected and secure with credit card purchases. Kindly click on your preferred piercing to place your order with us.

Belly/Navel Piercing

These are some of the best belly and navel piercing jewelry you can find. Kindly check for the one that appeals to your style to place your order today. If you want to surprise your spouse, kindly get Shai Heart Drop Navel Belly Button and the Steel Lv Navel for an amazing experience.


Tips: This product fits belly and navel piercings, and you can also use them on any occasion. We also offer plus size bars for our Homegirlz that need a longer bar.

Cartilage Piercing

Your cartilage piercing deserves the best jewelry, so Yonidapunani is here to give you that unique buying experience. The 16 Gauge 1.2Mm Clear Gem Butterfly Cartilage Piercing and 14G Steel Industrial Barbell Earring Cartilage are two of the cartilage jewelry you can purchase at a reasonably cheap price suitable for all purposes.


Tips: Have fun! Be open to trying some of our unique designs.

Lip Piercing

Your lip is the first thing people look at when you are talking, so it's crucial you decorate it with fantastic body jewelry. The Blackout Lip Ring 16G and the Silver Top Ring 16G are perfect jewelries you can use to curate an outstanding experience.


Tips: We have something for every part of the lip. Know that our bar is piercing grade.

Dermal Piercings

These amazing surface implants are all the rage. They are single point entry so that means they don’t have separate entry and exit point. Yonidapunani prides ourselves on having top of the line dermal options. The Kitty DERMAL 11.6MM and Genuine Dangling Dermal are two unique dermal piercing jewelries you buy for amazing vibes.



Tips: These should only be switched out with your piercer. Do not try to switch them out yourself.

Nipple Piercing

Since your nipple is a secluded area, you should give it all it deserves to make you comfortable. This body jewelry will provide maximum comfort. These two uniquely curated jewelries is all you need to make your nipple look good Pair Lanaisia Heart Nipple Ring and Steel Heart Shield Barbell.  

Tips: When changing out your piercing make sure you have everything right there with you. This piercing has been known to close in seconds so the faster you move the better.

Nose Piercing

Nose piercings are the most popular of all body jewelry. There are so many selections to choose from that will showcase your uniqueness. The Rihanna Heart Nose Studs and Spider Skull Nose Stud are reasonably special jewelries you get at this time.  

Tips: Make sure you know which gauge you got pierced with. This way you know which jewelry will fit perfectly for your nose. Also don’t be afraid to try different styles and customize for the holidays.

Tongue Piercing

A professional piercer will ask you about your pain tolerance and how you can withstand pressure before allowing you to get a tongue piercing. Since the tongue is delicate and requires a professional, the following jewelry is suitable for your purchase. The  Cute Kitty Tongue Ring and Y2K Heart Heart Detail Tongue Stud are two jewelries you must have for the best experience.

Tips: Ask your piercer how long it’s going to take to heal and ask them if they are willing to change out your jewelry to one of our high-quality pieces once its healed.

Nose Cuffs/Faux Jewelr

Here at Yonidapunani, we know that everyone is not able to get jewelry that requires a piercing. Therefore we offer a wide variety of jewelry that does not require you to make a permanent change and its painless. We have faux jewelry for all “piercing” types. The Alessandra Clip-Onand Anhefta Faux Nose Cuff are a must buy to look gorgeous.


Tip: If you are looking at a nose piercing that you want chances are we have it in Faux as well. So don’t get discouraged. We got you Homegirl.

Birthday Gifts and Presents

The best birthday gifts and presents, following are the best birthday gifts and presents you can buy for friends, colleagues, spouses, and loved ones.

The Scarlett Earrings and Pair Double Cc Earrings are ideal for birthday gifts and present for a loved one

Another amazing birthday gift and present are Pair Zoey Earrings and Pair Riri Earrings

For something more outstanding, consider Double Heart In Heart Nose Stud and Nicki With Earring Girl Detail Gold Nose Stud

Yonidapunani products that are a must

Below are some of the most purchased products since the year began.

G23 Titanium 20G Hinged Segment Septum Clicker

16G Heart Septum Clicker


One Line Septum Clicker