9 Types of Body Jewelry That Will Help Refine Your Identity

Posted by YoniDa’Punani on 28th Aug 2022

9 Types of Body Jewelry That Will Help Refine Your Identity

9 Types of Body Jewelry That Will Help Refine Your Identity

Finding the perfect body jewelry that will give you a refined identity can be daunting, but when you find one that appeals to your ego and emotions, you will stick to it.

The truth is that body jewelry can be an expensive investment to indulge in, so it is important to do your honest research before purchasing any pieces, and the good news is that Yonidapunani can help you achieve that promptly.

To attain a lovable and admired identity that will give you all the vibes and attention you deserve will start from acknowledging and knowing what has worked and is working in the industry. In this article, you'll discover Nine (9) types of body jewelry that will help refine your identity so that you'll always attract the right attention and bring in faithful and loving friends and personalities.

That said, let's begin.

1. The Tongue Jewelry Type

The tongue is the most fragile and delicate organ of the body and would require adequate care if you want to carry out any form of piercing. The tongue jewelry type is the second most popular form of body jewelry, with about 16% of people who wear body jewelry opting for this style.

Tongue rings are easy to wear and care for and could provide you with great aesthetics and vibes, making them the preferred body jewelry that will refine your identity professionally. People who indulge in wearing tongue rings are said to be innovative and intelligent and will do it as the occasion warrant.

It's worthy to note that wearing tongue rings will demand some key important factors, which include

  • The style of jewelry you want to wear after piercing
  • The kind of material the jewelry is made of
  • Finally, the size and shape of the material - a small size usually gives you the freedom to perform well during the day.

The healing time for tongue piercing usually is shorter than the septum piercing. Naval jewelry might set the pace if you wished for a more adorable jewelry type.

2. The Naval Jewelry Type

The naval jewelry type has also seen so much popularity among ladies. It is believed that wearing naval jewelry will trigger the emotional urge from your partner to cling to you all day. The navel jewelry is the fifth most popular type among body jewelry lovers, with about 6% of people opting for this style.

Several health benefits protrude from wearing navel jewelry. Some of the remarkable ones are

  • Cure for emotional imbalance
  • Provision of pleasing aesthetics for your daily activities
  • Help to balance energy and also promote a healthy living

That said, wearing various naval jewelry such as metal, stone, plastic, and glass will also help exhume good character that will attract high-profile personalities.

3. The Intimate Jewelry Type

The intimate jewelry type is another precious body piece of jewelry that will refine your identity. Opting for intimate jewelry will eventually mean you and your partners will, in most cases, see it and could trigger more time for sexual intimacy, as discovered by statistics.

Piercing like this is usually around the genital part. When opting for this type of body jewelry, it is good to conduct honest research on the best and more proficient specialists to do this fast. Research and people who have done this successfully show that you could urinate, squirt, or perform other things due to the sensation it generates. You could go for the usual ear jewelry type if this illuminated too much feeling.

4. The Ear Jewelry Type

The ear jewelry type is the most popular type of body jewelry worn by people from all walks of life. It is believed that wearing earrings can easily allow one to identify an individual as per gender in places where it is prioritized.

Earrings come in various design and style, ensuring that it suits your tastes and aesthetics. It also provides fashion that refines your identity while delivering your religious and spiritual beliefs.

Reports show that earrings are the third most popular type of body jewelry, with about 14% of people who wear body jewelry choosing to adorn their lobes.

5. The Rook Studs Type

The rook piercing is popular among youth and is another way of refining your identity to look unique. It is done by piercing the inner edge of the uppermost ridge in your ear.

An easy way to flaunt your rook is to engage the use of rook studs. These sets of rook studs will not only bring out your beauty but will also refine your identity to look more outstanding and professional.

Yonidapunani offers a wide range of styles, from pearl bars to heart-shaped hoops. Yonidapunani collections allow you to create your styling and look without piercing another.

Whether you're looking for a more expensive rook stud or an averagely designed styling, Yonidapunani will cater to all your needs. The lip and labret type might be perfect if you prefer a more prominent piercing.

6. Lip and Labret Type

Lip piercing is also another popular trend in the business of refining your identity. Lip and labret type might be the perfect style for you if you seek ways to appear differently. Whether you're into sleek, simple, or edgy styling, Yonidapunani has something for you.

With lip and labret piercing, your look has no dull moment. You can easily decide and redefine your tastes with our collections while saving a lot of money. With the perfect lip and labret, you'll attract personalities who eventually ask you for referrals.

The gold, titanium-made body jewelry is the best lip and labret piercing material. It makes you stand out and bold while also conquering your fears at the same time. With your lip already accommodating a unique piercing, adding a nipple ring might eventually refine you inside out.

7. The Nipple Rings Type

The nipple ring type has also become more popular recently, allowing you to showcase your beauty with various body jewelry accessories. The nipple ring not only refines your identity but also makes you feel more comfortable with an aesthetic styling.

Yonidapunani collections offer more prominent nipple rings that give you a perfect look. Our nipple rings are made from the best materials, like metal, glass, and plastic. Purchasing from our wide range of nipple rings will ultimately allow you to receive free shipping.

From statistics, wearing a nipple ring can provide an excellent sensation for romantic intimacy with your partner(s). With your nipple ring gorgeously worn, you can also choose titanium piercing jewelry for a more striking look.

8. The Titanium Piercing Jewelry Type

Titanium piercing jewelry type has also seen another high demand among youth and people with one piercing. Due to its lightweight, people seem to wear it more often as it provides a more accessible, refined look to everyone that engages it in style.

The materials are easy to use as it does not irritate or cause harm to their users, making them one of the best body jewelry type for everyday use. You can purchase your next titanium jewelry from Yonidapunani and save a lot of money on your next purchase while also receiving free shipping.

If you're on the fence and don't like ordinary titanium, you can try more expensive body jewelry to show your style and refine your identity; wearing gold body jewelry might be the best option.

9. The Gold Body Jewelry type

Without much hassle, you should have already seen gold. Gold body jewelry is a special kind of body jewelry made from gold. It provides your pierced parts with a glowing and astonishing look. Yonidapunani catalog has extensive gold body jewelry that will give you a more refined identity while appearing professional in your styling.

You can purchase your gold body jewelry from Yonidapunani and experience the best customer experience from our verified customer service professional.

Key Takeaways

Having an idea of the nine (9) different types of body jewelry that will help refine your identity is good. Do not do this alone; always seek professional advice to avoid damage to your body, organ, and system.

Conclusion & What's Next?

Tongue, navel, lip, and intimate jewelry are delicate parts of your body. Before undergoing any form of piercing, please seek professional advice. Our specialists are ever ready to cater to any piercing. Feel free to reach us with the various channels available.

Now that you have seen the nine, what body jewelry would you want in your body? Feel free to reach us; what's next? Go get a new ring for yourself.