20 Jewelry Hacks You Should Know

Posted by YoniDaPunani on 30th Aug 2022

20 Jewelry Hacks You Should Know

We all know that jewelry is the main part of our accessories to look more stylish, beautiful, and attractive. We all desire to look stylish. Style doesn't mean huge price tags and designer labels. We know you have a stack of jewelry, and most of it is more precious than someone has gifted you. And there is no chance to take any risk of losing anything from this collection. But it could be very difficult to keep them organized, and you may face difficulties wearing any of your favorite chains or bracelets, just like finding a tangled chain and mixing up all of the earrings, etc. So we are here with the top 20 jewelry hacks that help you come out in this situation and keep your jewelry safe and organized.

Use a Paper Clip to Fasten the Bracelet

Putting on a bracelet by yourself is the most difficult task. But not anymore; all you need is a paper clip, and make it easy by using this trick.

  1. Take a paperclip and open it.
  2. Hook one end of the clip to the last loop of your bracelet.
  3. Hold the clip with your hand; you have to wear the bracelet.
  4. Hook the bracelet's clasp in one loop to fit into your wrist.

Remove a Stuck Ring with Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is one of the best lubricants that you can use to remove the stuck ring from your finger. You can use this underside of the ring by using an earbud. Petroleum jelly is much safer than any other option because it will not react with the metal of your ring. Just follow these simple instructions.

  1. First, apply some petroleum jelly by using an earbud underside the ring.
  2. Slowly move the ring back and forth to lubricate the skin under the ring. Now the ring will easily slide off your finger.

Use the Glue gun to set the Size of the Ring

You don't need to worry if you accidentally ordered an oversized ring. You can fix it by using a hot glue gun. A hot glue gun has many uses, and here is one of them. A bit drop of a hot glue gun can help you in this situation.

  1. Apply a small drop of hot glue on a surface where you can easily peel it off. You can also use baking paper.
  2. Before the glue cools down, push the ring on it so that a few amounts of glue are coated inside.

Use Vaseline to soothe the Earlobe

Wearing heavy jewelry can cause your earlobe to be damaged or hurt. Different metal jewelry may not match your skin and can cause irritation to your skin and lead to some allergies. You can apply a very thin

layer of Vaseline to your earlobe to protect them from hurting or damage.

Use some Nail polish to change the Color

Have you gone fed up with wearing the same jewelry again and again? You can renew your old jewelry with this simple hack of using nail polish to color the old one. Use your nail polish to color the rhinestones of your jewelry.

  1. You need bright color nail polish
  2. Earring or a bracelet.
  3. Paint the rhinestones off your jewelry with the use of nail polish
  4. Let it dry before wearing it.

Your new jewelry of matching color with your outfit is ready to wear.

Check your Ring size

If you are going to order a very beautiful ring, the trouble is you don't know your ring size. No need to worry anymore; this trick makes it easy to check your ring size. All you need is a pencil, ruler and a strip of paper.

  1. Fold the strip, wrap it around the finger, and mark up the size using the pencil.
  2. Place the paper strip along the scale and measure the size.
  3. Check your ring size with the following size numbers.




1.943 inches


2.045 inches


2.15 inches


2.25 inches


2.35 inches


2.46 inches


2.56 inches


2.63 inches


2.76 inches

Make your Chain New

Have you got bored of wearing an old-style chain? We have come up with a new idea to make your chain new. The method is simple:

Take a ring, slide it into the chain, and close the clasp. The new pendant is ready to highlight your look.

Get rid of the Green

Is your ring turning your finger green? It is because of oxidation and can cause skin irritation. But now you can easily get rid of it. Take transparent nail paint. Start coating your ring from its underside. It will protect your skin from the side effects of the metal. So you can wear your favorite ring without any worry.

Untangle the knotted Chain

We all have faced the problem of knotted chains. But now the problem has been solved. It is very easy to untangle a chain by using baby powder. Put the chain on a plate and sprinkle some baby powder on it. Baby powder will make it slippery and help it to loosen. You can use a pin to untie the tightened knot.

Keep your Chain in the Straw

Here are many ways to keep your chains tangled free. You can use a straw to keep your chain safe from tangling and tarnishing. Just put the chain into the straw and close the clasp.

Use Plastic wraps for Storage

You can store your ornaments or jewelry in plastic wraps by sealing them. You can save your jewelry from oxidization and coiling. You need

  1. Plastic wraps
  2. Jewelry you want to save
  3. Open up the plastic wrap on a flat surface
  4. Place your jewelry at some distance to save it from coiling.
  5. Stretch other plastic wrap sheet and place more jewelry
  6. Cut wrap from a roller
  7. Seal the plastic bag from all sides, pump out air properly and store it safely.

ZipLock Bags

Ziplock bags would be the best option as well. The way is simple: just put your jewelry in bags and close the zip. It will prevent it from tarnishing its color and avoid mess.

Buttons and Pillboxes

You can keep your tiny ear tops in the pillboxes. It will be safe from loss. Buttons can also be a good option. Take a large-sized or medium size button and fasten the pair of earrings to keep them from being misplaced.

Keep bobby pins in the Matchbox

Bobby pins are the things that got lost mostly. A matchbox would be a great storage box for the pins in this situation. You can easily keep bobby pins and small clips in the matchboxes. Keep the pins and other clips separately in different matchboxes. It will prevent your other jewelry from spoiling with sharp pins.

Make Jewelry frame

I will prove a simple idea of making a beautiful frame to hang your earrings the best. You don't need too many things to make it. We are sharing two ways to make it.

Cloth frame: Take a large size old photo frame to make it. Use some linen fabric to hang the earrings. This idea is a beautiful way to decorate a wall along with the safety of your earrings.

Wireframe: Take a small-size photo frame and some wires. Just twist the wires and attach them to the frame using hot glue. Your earrings holder is ready. Keep it on the bedside table and hang your earrings which you use on a daily routine.

Bottles for Bangles, Bracelets

Make appropriate use of spare bottles to keep your bangles and bracelets. Keep two bottles in a wooden box and infuse your bangles in one and bracelets in the other. In this way, your wrist will not be mixed up.

Wash Silver jewelry with Toothpaste

Silver jewelry has a major problem of discoloring due to humidity. This hack is for you if you want a hack to make your silver jewelry as shiny as new. Just wash it with toothpaste. Apply a thin layer of toothpaste to the jewelry you want to wear. Scrub it with an old toothbrush and wash it well with lukewarm water. Your jewelry will get back its shine.

Clean Gold jewelry with Beer

You can wash your gold jewelry with beer at your home to clean. Take your jewelry and dip it into a pint of beer to clean your jewelry. You need the followings.

  1. Take bowl
  2. Put a pint of beer into the bowl to submerge in it.
  3. Just soak it for 5 to 10 min in beer.
  4. Rinse it with lukewarm water.

Let your Jewelry dry before Storage

You can also wear your jewelry by drying it properly before storage. If you store your jewelry without drying, the humidity can damage it and your jewelry can take rust.

Extend the size of the Necklace

If you have ordered a pretty necklace that doesn't fit your neckline, then you don't need to be worried anymore. You can wear it by expanding its size. Just find out a bracelet matching it. And attach it to the chain of the necklace. It will extend the necklace size.


So, these are the 20 jewelry hacks you must know in order to enhance your style and fashion sense. If you want to look more polished and elegant, then these jewelry hacks are just what you need. And remember that you don’t have to spend a great deal of money to get high-quality pieces that will last for years and years. You need to follow these simple hacks and look more elegant than before.