1st Mar 2023

7 Body Jewelry Looks That Will Elevate Your Style

If you want to upgrade your style to look the best version of yourself or express yourself using piercings or body jewelry, then this is, without a doubt, a hobby you should delve into. However, if you are not familiar with it, don't worry. By the end of this article, you will have a sound idea of what you are most interested in! The article mentions all the latest fashion items that will make you look more charming.

Jewelry can tie your outfit together, show off your personality traits, and add visual interest to your look. The key is finding jewelry that matches your outfit, whether a formal dress paired with a diamond necklace or a chic outfit paired with chunky boots. Experimenting with different types of jewelry and materials to find your style following your body type is therefore essential. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings can all transform and enhance your outfit and personal style.

Different Types of Body Jewelry

Ball Closure Rings

Ball-lock rings are probably the most popular piercing jewelry and can be used with almost any piercing. These piercing rings consist of a ring that closes with a captive ball. The ball has small indentations on each side to accommodate the ends of the rings.

A ball lock ring (BCR) is one of the safest types of jewelry because the pressure on the ring holds the ball in place. Ball-lock rings with a simple shape have unlimited uses. Coming in a wide range of diameters and gauges, they fit almost any body piercing, from ear piercings to lips, navels, septum, and more.

Belly Button Jewelry

When it comes to navel rings, you have three options. You must decide if you want a top-down navel ring or vice versa. A standard navel ring has a more prominent lower ball, pendant, or other decoration above/inside the navel or hoops, such as captive bead rings and circular barbells. If you want a navel ring, you can further narrow down your choices by choosing a navel ring with a navel shield that encloses or covers your navel.

Foot Jewelry

Many people take every opportunity to walk barefoot or in sandals or flip-flops. The cool air under your feet is no doubt refreshing. Bare feet with painted nails look beautiful; however, you can draw more attention to your feet by adorning them with jewelry. Foot jewelry types are chains, anklets, and toe rings.

Feet Chains

Feet chain sandals are also considered foot jewelry because their primary purpose is to decorate the feet, but they do not have a sole that can protect the feet. Think of them as necklaces but for feet. Feet chains come as a combination of toe rings and ankle bracelets that decorate your feet. They are commonly worn when the wearer must go barefoot, such as at the beach, at pool parties, on boat trips, or religious celebrations such as weddings. They are often made from stainless metal.


Just like bracelets, these can be found in a variety of designs. Anklets, popularly known as anklets, anklets, or anklets, are jewelry used to adorn the ankle. Anklets, in today's day too, are an essential accessory in Indian marriages.

Formal anklets are made of beads and metals, such as gold and silver. It can be worn on either ankle, but in India and most oriental cultures, women wear anklets on both feet, and in western cultures, it is mostly worn by women as costume jewelry for her. Anklets can be simple in design or contain charms, pendants, or both. Pairing anklets with clothes and shoes that highlight their beauty is natural. If you prefer wearing jewelry around your feet, it might just be the best ornament for you to flaunt!

Toe Rings

Toe rings come in various styles, materials, and colors. Some standard designs include closed loops of metal (usually gold or iron), open loops of metal (gold, iron, or silver) formed into a solid ring, and rubber bands. Elastic toe rings are fitted with elastic bands adorned with materials such as pearls or gemstones or beautiful objects such as tiny flip-flops or butterflies.

Body Chains

In addition to necklaces and leg chains, there are chains designed to wrap around the upper body. They can start at the shoulder, pass through the back and stomach, wrap around the waist, and eventually fall or sit on the torso. Common types of body chains include belly chains and vests. There are chains, harnesses, waist chains, and more.

Body chains look elegant over a blouse, a simple camisole, or under a skirt and mini dress.

Ear Jewelry

Ear jewelry is prevalent because ear piercings are very prevalent. Therefore, there usually is a wide variety of ear piercings that match the different piercings that can be done on that body part. One can have helix piercings, multiple piercings on your earlobe, and many others, all of which enhance one's beauty! They include the ear lobe, helix, crux of the helix, tragus, concha, and much more.

Ear Cuffs

Ear sleeves or cuffs are typically used on non-pierced ears. They are a great way to add style to your ears without getting pierced. Ear cuffs are sometimes chained to lobe earrings as well.

Nose Rings

Nose rings are jewelry worn across the nasal septum, in the middle, or across one side of the nose. They are common to both men and women. Nose rings have been used for centuries. In the Middle East and Africa, men wore nose rings to their newlyweds to mark the woman's new status and discourage other men from showing romantic interest in the wearer, which was also associated with wealth.

Where to Find the Best Body Jewelry?

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