Posted by YoniDa’Punani on 25th Oct 2022

​7 Self-Care Habits That Will Improve Your Love Life

Getting your love life together after the shackles of life can be daunting, especially with the recent heartbreak and divorces around the globe. However, you can make your love life unique and unforgettable with proven self-care habits.

That said, highlighting seven self-care habits that promote love life would ensure we define self-care. Self-care is a multidimensional, multilayered process of conscious participation in techniques that promote healthy functioning and increase well-being.

Essentially, the phrase refers to a conscious action taken by a person to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It becomes a habit when deliberate time is given, that is, intentional involvement or participation.

Having understood what self-care is, we will now look at different self-care habits that can promote your love life. It is paramount to know that in starting a relationship, or you are already in a relationship, there are factors to be considered that can help promote a relationship or love life.

These factors are not just operated; they become a lifestyle or habit. Only when you continually engage in it does it become part of you, a lifestyle, a routine. The following thus below are seven self-care habits;

(1) Appreciating Who You Are

Appreciating who you are is vital to a self-care habit promoting your love life. While at this, there are so many challenges you will find yourself in today's society; take, for instance, the economic situation. If you can't afford plastic surgery to look younger and more beautiful, you might feel bad because you can't afford to be or look like other celebrities and models. But the truth is that you are unique the way you are.

You don't need to be like a movie or pop star; You need to be you. You need to appreciate who you are; if you cannot appreciate yourself, you cannot improve your love life.

It is simple: when you look at yourself in the mirror, you see nobody else but you, for nobody is like you. Even if you are a twin, there is always something distinct about you. Because you are different from everybody else, you must learn to appreciate who you are so that others can appreciate you. It must come from you first, then others will follow it. Remember, you are unique and special.

(2) Get Involved in Self-Work

Self-work is ideal for self-care habits, especially when promoting your love life. Most people today often focus on building relationships without working on themselves first. What does this mean; take, for instance, can you go to school without books or writing/reading materials? Or can you harvest your crops without planting first? Your response will be as good as mine, so there is no need to be blabbing further.

When trying to improve your love life, whether married or single, it is essential to get involved in self-work. "Self-work" in this contest; is mentally, psychologically, socially, economically, and spiritually (for believers), as the case may be. For instance, you have to go to school to be educated; likewise, when you fall sick, you need the doctor to administer treatment to get you well, in this case.

That said, moving further with another case study of a guy who is going into a relationship or marriage and does not love self-control. A temper issue, womanizing, excessive eating habits, or even a talkative and drunk person might not do well in that relationship. There is every tendency for the relationship to fail.

On the other hand, when you work on yourself in the above areas listed above, then you are ready for a good relationship. Take, for instance, physical work; a guy must appear neat, strong, and protective in a relationship; observing good hygiene and workouts is critical.

Also, feeding your mind with the right stuff keeps you mentally stable and psychologically sound, less you can't manage arguments properly when it arises in your relationships.

Another crucial area is your economic status; this goes hand–in–hand with social responsibility. You can't keep allowing your spouse to take care of the bills all the time simply because you don't have a job. You've got to get something done, be in charge financially, and pay the bills most times.

Lastly, if you want to get involved with a belief, you must believe in yourself, be it Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.

From the premise above, you can decode that what you expect in a relationship depends on how well you have worked on yourself.

3. Assertive Communication

Communication is vital when relating with one another in a particular place and time. Imagine a world without communication; your guess is as good as mine, a world in chaos. Most times, there might be a level of communication among a group but not the proper form.

Most people today and in time past have robbed themselves of opportunities due to a lack of lousy communication in job opportunities, relationships, or even education.

In sustaining a good love life and relationship, there is a need for better and more open communication, a situation where one or both parties can freely speak or express their minds or how they feel and think. Without fear of rejection by the other, shame, or shyness, though they suffer in silence, if both partners could boldly speak their minds, it would bring about sincerity in that relationship which is a good factor or recipe for good love life.

Assertive communication, to an extent, creates a broad understanding and knowledge about both spouses. Because they can freely express themselves, they quickly gain a better understanding of each other, which brings about trust, respect, and responsibility.

If you carefully observe everything said, you will understand that no successful relationship exists without communication; it will only end in chaos and be unsuccessful if communication is omitted. Assertive communication is key to promoting a good and better love life regarding self-care practice.

4. Knowing Yourself

Knowledge, they say, is power. Understanding yourself and your environment gives you the power of control. Sometimes you do not know what you want; you are not sensitive to what affects you positively and negatively. You sometimes choose to react ignorantly to what comes your way.

Knowing who you are, helps you and puts you in a better position to relate to others. It's a key that helps or guides you on how you relate with others and your environment. Take, for instance; there's a limit you can get to when taking alcohol, or your sensitivity to issues, feelings, reactions, etc.

If you get to a bar and order a bottle of beer, your limit to drinking beer, and later decide to order more, you will get drunk. This shows that you chose to ignore your limit; you felt you could do more when your capacity says something different. Knowing yourself will help guide your day-to-day activities in life and keep you safe from getting into unnecessary difficulties and challenges.

Now in improving your love life, it is crucial to listen and observe each other and study your shortcomings, which will help you understand your "lights" and "shadow" periods in your relationship. Doing this will promote good relationships, quality, and lasting love.

Self-knowledge is a self-care habit that can bring about a better love life between couples if they strictly adhere to knowing themselves and allow such knowledge to guide their relationship. It is recommended that individuals who are going into relationships should adopt this self-care habit to help prepare them for the journey ahead.

5. Developing Emotional Self-Care

Emotional self-care helps you to work with your emotions to improve your health and well-being. It is a method of gaining control over who you are. Recognize, feel, care for yourselves, and devote attention to your minds and emotions.

It is a waste of time to feel guilty or frustrated due to your emotions reacting to shorter and darker days in your life or feeling ashamed due to an exciting feeling towards an event. You should develop your mind emotionally towards these situations by embracing these feelings as they arise, not giving room to worry much about them.

You should know that all your emotions are necessary, so you must learn to respect them and put words to your feelings. Developing emotional strength in the face of a problem or challenge is the key to creating a better relationship.

In a relationship, your emotion or how you feel is not considered or respected, but you deserve better. That is why as you develop your emotional self-care habit, you learn to choose your relationships by avoiding those that do not respect your emotions.

According to Cook, It Is better to expand your bandwidth to experience your emotions as there are, without judgment, than viewing them as good or bad (judging). Indeed, when dating or in a relationship, such emotions or feelings are sure to occur, and being in touch with your feeling and inner thoughts may help you through life's problems.

Developing emotional self-care in relationships promotes a better understanding of your love life.

In developing emotional self-care, one should consider the following;

  1. Working with things within your reach or scope
  2. look out for your desires
  3. practice self-love
  4. avoid toxic people
  5. Accept and respect your emotions

6. Setting Limits

Setting limits is also the same as keeping boundaries. It helps you as a couple to say no when there is a need to. Being in a relationship doesn't mean you must please the other and displease yourself; putting yourself in slavering in that relationship.

Note that it is not the consistent pleasing of your partner or spouse in a relationship that secures that relationship. It might shock you that despite all your efforts to protect the relationship by consistently playing the slave or fool, you might end up losing that relationship.

When limits are set, it enables both partners to respect each other, and no one tries to play a fast one on the other; the reverse is the case.

For instance, in a relationship where the guy or lady is not happy due to some unhealthy habits but refuses to address them by setting limits and boundaries, that relationship or love life is doomed to fail. And most time, the one trying to protect or keep the relationship is at the receiving end.

Setting limits in a relationship helps to prevent unforeseen circumstances that will undermine the fruitfulness of that relationship or love life.

7. Keeping the Right Company

When you find yourself in the right company of friends, your spirit is always alive and elevated. You automatically find yourself in a good mood.

Also, the right company does not criticize your relationship but rather renders positive advice that will help promote your love life. Sometimes we maintain ties with people who have done more harm than good to our relationship, whether through emulating their way of life or listening to their wrong advice. Such association does not promote healthy self-care habits as regards enhancing a better love life.

Keeping up with toxic groups could build up negative emotions, which will not only harm you but also destroy that which has been built in your relationship. These unhealthy groups usually do not care about how you feel but are only there to feed their desire off you.

If both couples find themselves in a bad company that cannot help their relationship life, it is advised that they avoid such.

Key Takeaways

Conclusively, from all that has been said on self-care habit and their impact on love life, these seven keys or factors have been able to enlighten you on their impact and how you can implement them in your day-to-day life.