Body Jewelry Safety: Ultimate Guide To Performing Septum Piercing

Posted by YoniDa’Punani on 28th Aug 2022

Body Jewelry Safety: Ultimate Guide To Performing Septum Piercing

Body jewelry safety has, over time, been overlooked, seeing that it brings little to no pain to the individual to which it pertains. For instance, people who perform septum piercing take little or no regard for their safety. This has led to many ugly occurrences among youth and rising stars, especially in the entertainment industry.

Septum piercing allows you to express yourself in styles and ultimately show off your expensive jewelry. Celebrities like Rihanna and Madonna consciously wear their septum piercing with pride and have shown significant beauty in their appearances.

Septum piercing is risky and can lead to fatal effects if not done by an expert or specialist. If you're on the fence, thinking of where to get your septum piercing without a side effect, professionals can provide you with that swiftly.

That said, in this article, you will discover body jewelry safety and the ultimate step-by-step guide for performing a septum piercing. Mind you; this is not advisable that you do this on your own at home. Take your time; look for a specialist whose experience in the business is worthy of note.

Let's dive into body jewelry safety without wasting your time on too many blocks of text.

Body Jewelry Safety

To utilize the benefits of body jewelry, you must take body jewelry safety seriously to avoid the pains and headaches accompanying beauty. Not all areas of your body are built to accept body jewelry. As such, before engaging in any form of body jewelry, here are a few things you should consider.

Choose the area where you can easily remove the jewelry.

If you like jaw or tongue piercing, it's important to note that you're to use materials that you can unscrew without the help of anyone. Professionals and specialists will provide fantastic counseling on choosing the best jewelry for oral piercing.

Ensure to use metals that do not cause any form of reactions

It is advised that when undergoing any form of piercing, you should choose nonallergic metals for your choice of jewelry. Gold, titanium, and steel are the best when selecting any jewelry for your piercing.

Choose the right jewelry thickness for your body.

Do not indulge in wearing oversized jewelry; doing this will cause harm to your body. Choose jewelry with a minimum thickness and take preventive measures in a magnetic resonance environment. With these few body jewelry safety measures, you can always be ahead in styling and appearance during events.

Now that you fully grasp body jewelry safety let's consider the ultimate step-by-step guide to performing septum piercing.

The Ultimate step-by-step guide to performing septum piercing

To perform a successful septum piercing, you must seek a specialist and professional to avoid the improper use of material.

Professionally, these are the steps to achieve a hitch-free septum piercing.

1. Choose the right jewelry for your first piercing

2. Clean the area where you're to perform the piercing

3. Use a one-time glove when touching your nose

4. Arrange your supplies in an orderly manner before attempting to start

5. Clear off any nasal hairs in your nose with a surgical blade

6. Clean both nostrils thoroughly with an antiseptic

7. Identify the columella or the sweet spot in your nostril

8. Differentiate the sweet spot with a mark

9. Clamp both sides of the sweet spot

10. Gradually tighten the clamp to align with the differentiated sweet spot

11. Position the needle in the sweet spot and gently push it through

12. Finally, put your sterilized jewelry at one end of the needle and push it through on the other side.

13. Do not wear any septum ring until your septum piercing is completely healed.

Congratulations, give yourself a tap on the back. You now know how to perform a septum piercing.

To see your septum piercing healed without infections, read on to find out all the frequently asked questions.

How long does it take for a septum piercing to heal?

The time it will take for a septum piercing to heal varies from person to person, as hormones are different in every human. Typically, when pierced by a specialist, some person has claimed that they saw stars in the past. Others claimed they saw hell, but on a typical occasion, a septum-pierced person should take between two (2) to five (5) months to heal.

Also, your specialist should tell more about your healing time, as there should have been a proper diagnosis before undergoing the septum piercing.

What is the aftercare needed for a septum piercing?

Septum piercer professionals advise you to properly clean your septum pierced position twice a day with saline solution. Also, the pierced area usually itches, do not scratch or engage in an improper use of jewelry until it heals completely.

Do not wear clothes that can easily drag your septum-pierced position when pulling off.

What does it cost to have a perfect septum piercing?

For a suitable septum piercing, you should probably budget around $20 - $200, depending on the store, city, or country. Professional piercing indicates no fixed price for a septum piercing, which is true.

Septum piercings professionals are moderate, and you do not need to rob a bank to get yours done. Regarding timing, completing the finished septum piercing usually takes less than ten (10) minutes.

What is the jewelry to wear after performing a septum piercing?

You should wear lightweight jewelry like the love heart, opal circle gem, and outlined heart for a more comfortable experience. These sets of septum body jewelry will provide you comfort and the experience of interacting with others who are outstanding in the business.

Through this, you can refer other aspiring septum lovers.

Is there any side effect of septum piercing?

Several side effects may present if you do not heed your piercer's advice. Infections, migration, and scarring are usually the aftereffects of noncompliance with your piercer's advice. Signs of infections are redness, heavy pain, and increased size of septum pierced area.

If you notice that your pierced position has moved from its original position, then migration has occurred, and you should immediately reach out to your specialist. Professional piercers always call you to check on you until your septum piercing is healed.

Key takeaways

Take proper care for any piercing you undergo to avoid irritation and damage to your body. The cost of getting a septum piercing is $(20 -200). Lightweight body jewelry would help you perform better during the day than heavy-weight ones. You're not permitted to wear septum rings until your pierced parts are properly healed.

Conclusion and what's next?

The healing period for a septum piercing is usually between two (2) to five (5) months, depending on the individual body structure and hormones. Do not carry out septum piercing by yourself at home. Seek professional advice if you experience any form of pain in your body. There are twelve steps to performing a hitch-free septum piercing, do not neglect any to avoid damage to your body.

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