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Different Types Of Piercings You Should Know About

Piercings are one of those fashion trends which never really go out of style. A little jewelry never hurts when it comes to seeking an exquisite and unique appearance. However, because there are so many types of piercings, things can get confusing.

People no longer have a single piercing. Nowadays, multiple piercings on different areas of your body are a trend. If you’re considering getting a piercing but aren’t sure which one to get, our professional guide will help you find what you’re looking for while insinuating that you know just about everything about piercings.

A Guide to Every Type of Piercing

Piercings express your personality and can become an integral part of your identity. There are numerous types and styles to choose from, considering their locations on the body. Body piercings are broadly divided into several categories. Now let’s dive into the low down on these types.

1.Ear Piercings

Ear piercings remain one of the fashion trends that will remain popular regardless of how many years pass. They are the most common and socially acceptable type of piercings, but that does not make them boring in any way. Ear piercings can be styled in an infinite number of ways. It is entirely up to you which sorts and configurations of ear piercings you choose.

The most popular types of ear piercings people usually go for are standard lobe piercings, daith, conch, helix, tragus, industrial, and rook. Piercings such as a snug, orbital, and anti-tragus are equally liked, but only a few people get them because they require a higher pain threshold and have a longer healing time.

However, individual pain tolerance determines pain levels, which are subjective, and the healing time of piercing differs for everyone.

2.Oral Piercings

If an edgier look is what you want to go for, then oral piercings are the right choice for you. While some people might consider them a form of self-expression signifying risk-taking or daring, others might have a different view, considering oral hygiene and the high chances of infection.

It is still an unresolved controversy, but the large canvas for oral piercings includes piercings on cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows, tongue, lips, etc.

3.Facial Piercings

Facial piercings are certainly more inconspicuous and not too painful, contrary to the general assumption. However, they require significant dedication because they are explicit style statements.

Facial piercings might include nostrils, eyebrows, septum and cheek piercings, etc. But before you go for a facial piercing. It is critical that you put into consideration your face shape and what piercings can best complement your features.

Working with your characteristic bone structure will assist you in selecting jewelry for each placement while enhancing your style.

4.Lip Piercings

Lip piercings are extremely popular and have numerous options, deserving their own section. They include piercings on the lower lip, the upper lip, or both. A major reason why lip piercings are continually such a popular pick is the vast number of style options and ways to personalize them they offer.

Lip piercings hurt a tolerable amount. Lip piercings offer up to 14 types. Since these piercings are on your mouth, you might wonder if you'll have to alter your eating habits while they heal, but no such thing needs to be done.

If done incorrectly, lip piercing jewelry can gradually deteriorate the protective enamel covering your teeth or give rise to gum erosion, both of which can not be regenerated by the body, so you better get it done by a professional.

5.Navel Piercings

Often known as "belly button piercings," navel piercings were extremely famous in the late 90s and early 2000s, but now they have faded from the limelight.

Contrary to its name, navel piercings don't pierce the belly button; rather, the jewelry just sits on top. The piercing is usually placed above the upper ridge of the belly button and extends vertically and outwards into the cavity of the belly button. The same effect can be achieved at any point along the rim of the belly button.

6.Genital Piercings

Although the thought of getting your genitals pierced might make some people uncomfortable, it is immensely popular among both men and women. Every type of genital piercing is entirely possible; however, to get one, it is necessary that you are over 18 years of age and have sought complete medical counsel.

The clitoral hood and inner labia are two thin, highly vascular membranes through which the majority of the intimate female piercings pass. As a result, these piercings heal extremely quickly and require very little and gentle aftercare. Male genital piercings can offer up to fifteen variations. Your choice of male genital piercing jewelry may be determined by the type of piercing.

7.Dermal Anchors or Skin Divers

Skin divers and dermal anchors are taking the place of surface bars for piercings in unexpected places. Dermal anchors come in a variety of small sizes and shapes, but the standard one is 6-7 millimeters long and half millimeters wide. Before getting one of these piercings, you must know that they require a longer healing time, and they have a high chance of rejection by the body. If you have made peace with this fact, here are a few options for you.

  • 1.Neck & Nape Piercings
  • 2.Dermal/Micro Dermal Piercings
  • 3.Corset Piercings
  • 4.Chest Piercings

All These Piercings But No Jewelry?

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