1st Nov 2023

How To Safely Get And Maintain Piercings

Did you get a new piercing, or are you considering getting one? If you are, you should know how to take care of it. Your chance of becoming infected or other problems will be lower if you get and maintain your piercing safely.

Even though piercings are more prevalent than ever, they should still not be treated lightly. You must understand the risks, essential safety measures, and aftercare procedures.

We have sketched out a guide for you to safely follow. Let’s take a look.

Safety Precautions

You MUST ensure several safety precautions while getting your piercing done. Some of these are as follows:

  • 1.Ensure the piercer washes their hands before each piercing and appears to be wearing a set of new disposable gloves.
  • 2.After each piercing, the piercer sterilizes all non-disposable instruments in an autoclave or other heat-sterilization device.
  • 3.Before insertion into the body, jewelry must be disinfected.

Equipment for Piercing

To get an earlobe or other body piercing, find a piercer who first makes a hole with a brand-new, sterile, disposable needle before inserting jewelry. Compared to piercing guns, needles are typically thought to be cleaner and simpler to sterilize.

Only earlobe piercings should be done with piercing guns. This is because they have a greater potential to harm skin tissue than needles do. Your piercer should use only disposable or sanitized piercing guns with single-use cassettes.

Healing Time

Depending on where the piercing is, healing times can change. The typical recovery times for common piercings are different. For example:

  • 1.Earlobe and eyebrow piercings heal in 6 to 8 weeks.
  • 2.Cartilage or belly button piercings may take about four months to a year.
  • 3.Lip and nostril piercing will heal in 2 to 4 months.
  • 4.Septum piercing may take 6 to 8 months to heal.

Dos and Don’ts for a Fresh Piercing


  • Wash your hands before cleaning the piercing.
  • Wash your piercing with salt water.
  • Use antibacterial soap or hypochlorous acid to clean the piercing area.
  • Showers are preferable to baths since bathtubs can harbor bacteria.
  • A healthy diet is always important but especially after a piercing.
  • If it's damp and you're cleaning it, turn it. Do not move it if it is dry.
  • For body piercings, go for loose, comfortable clothes at night.


  • Never pierce yourself or have a friend pierce you.
  • Do not touch or pick at the piercing. This can aggravate it and make it infected.
  • Alcohol and hydrogen peroxide should not be used to clean the piercing. This can cause skin dehydration and the breakdown of fresh tissue.
  • Avoid contact with open water, including lakes, rivers, pools, and hot tubs.
  • It is preferable not to use makeup after facial piercings during the healing period.


Some piercing jewelry can induce allergic responses, particularly nickel-based ones. This may produce post-piercing redness, discomfort, swelling, or pus-like discharge. When having your tongue pierced, you should expect to swell, this occurs initially, but your tongue will rapidly recover.

Piercing can also result in scars and elevated areas produced by excessive scar tissue formation (keloids). Diseases that are transmitted through the blood. Various blood-borne diseases, including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tetanus, and HIV, can be transmitted by piercing equipment. Therefore, it is important to look out for any such signs and consult a doctor before it’s too late/


Regardless of the type of piercing, the same aftercare practices apply. Following is the simple aftercare you should follow to safely maintain your piercing:

  • Before touching your piercing for any reason, you must wash your hands and clean the piercing with a saline solution, a bar of fragrance-free antibacterial soap, or both, once or twice daily. We should make sure to remove any soap residue from the piercing. It is also important to utilize a disposable paper towel or tissue to gently dry the piercing; avoid using a cloth to dry jewelry, as it may harbor germs or catch on the jewelry.
  • If you have an ear piercing or a facial piercing, place your pillow in a clean T-shirt and flip it daily from back to front and inside out. This offers a tidy area for the piercing. For body piercings, wear nighttime attire that is loose and comfy.
  • When you eat, chew your meal thoroughly and gently. For a tongue piercing, maintain a level tongue when chewing, and if you have a cheek or lip piercing, avoid opening your mouth too widely, especially avoid foods and beverages that are spicy, salty, acidic, or hot at the beginning. However, cold foods and beverages are beneficial and can help reduce edema.
  • You can remove the jewelry from your piercing if you decide you no longer desire it. However, this can hinder the healing process. If you do remove your jewelry, make sure to clean the wound every day until it is completely healed.


A common mistake among people after getting a new piercing is wearing any type of jewelry in their healed piercing. Even after being healed for years, piercings might develop issues such as piercing bumps if exposed to jewelry that does not fit properly.

Firstly, you must ensure that the jewelry is the appropriate size. For instance, if you buy a seamless ring and the jewelry begins to pull against the piercing holes, you may experience discomfort.

Secondly, the jewelry must also be of the proper shape. This will depend on the type of piercing and your body. Some types of jewelry may press on the piercing in uncomfortable ways, producing complications. Some piercings even need you to select the sort of jewelry you intend to wear in the piercing so that the piercing can be performed at an angle that will accommodate the jewelry.

Where Can I Get Jewelry To Maintain My Piercings?

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