Top 10 Most Expensive Diamond Earrings Ever

Posted by YoniDa’Punani on 6th Sep 2022

Top 10 Most Expensive Diamond Earrings Ever

Top 10 Most Expensive Diamond Earrings Ever

In this video, we will discuss  top 10 most costly earrings that can be found everywhere around the globe. 

10. Arabella Huntington’s Earrings owned by Harry Winston - 

The price is undeclared: It is not sufficient to simply mention Harry Winston's name once while discussing pricey and prestigious jewels and pieces of jewelry because this will not do.

9. Paris Nouvelle Vague earrings -$79000: 

There are no ladies who can look as if they are going out to kill like the Parisian ladies do. Women have just one location to choose from when it comes to clothes, fragrances, and jewelry, and that destination is called Paris, darling! 

8. Marie Antoinette Diamond Earrings: 

Marie Antoinette was known for her love of gateaux and diamonds. At one point in her life, she even had a pair of the most expensive earrings in the world, having amassed a vast collection of earrings over the course of her life.

7. Diamond and Pearls Danglers - $1.2 million: 

 The diamond and pearl danglers are brand new, which means that the design and age of the danglers are different from one another. 

6. Diamond Drop Earrings - $2.3 million: 

There are more piercings on the most costly earrings list after this one. Nevertheless, one could go on and on with the list. These opulent earring pieces are valued a total of $2.3 million, and they come as a pair. 

5. Emerald Drop Earrings - $2.5 million: 

Designed by Lorraine Schwartz, the set of earrings received a lot of fame.

4. Empress Eugenie - $3.3 million:

In the distant past, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte attempted to win the heart of Empress Eugenie of France by presenting her with a pair of magnificent earrings as a wedding present. Doyle stunned the world on April 28, 2014, when he sold a pair of immaculate, pristine pearl earrings at auction for $3.3 million in New York City. After that, Doyle established a new record for the previous week. 

3. Colombian Emerald - $4.8 million:

Colombian Emerald diamond earrings offer beauty in the gemstone. There is an 11.75-carat diamond and emerald combined weight in each of the earrings. 

2. Harry Winston earrings - $8.3 million: 

Fashionistas all around the world are quite familiar with the well-known American jeweler Harry Winston. 

1. Golconda Diamond Earrings - $9.3 million:

Due to the fact that its value has been assessed at $9.3 million, the Golconda diamond earrings are considered to be the most extravagant earrings in the entire world.