Types of Nose Piercing and their appropriate Nose Studs

Posted by YoniDa’Punani on 5th Sep 2022

Types of Nose Piercing and their appropriate Nose Studs

Different nose piercing types work for different individuals. Determining what kind of nose piercing will work for you and the appropriate nose studs can take a while to figure out. But when you find an easy-to-read guide like this and resources at your figure tips, you'll not want to miss out.

Nose piercing has helped curb a lot in our society today. People who want to stand out among their peers have reverted to nose piercing as a way of appearing differently.

Nose piercing benefits cannot be harnessed entirely without wearing the appropriate nose ring type and chart size. This has helped many individuals look more beautiful and bold while also unleashing their divine purpose on earth.

In this article, you'll find the different types of Nose Piercing, nose piercing jewelry, and their appropriate nose studs. The professional you should look out for who will help you get yours done with the required nose ring and studs and the healing time for the different types of nose piercing.

That said, let's begin.

Different types of Nose Piercing and Their Appropriate studs

You will discover the different types of nose piercings and their appropriate studs in this section of the article. So, if you have been wondering what kind of nose piercing, you should choose and the appropriate nose studs or jewelry to use, worry no more. Right here, we list the different types of nose piercing and the appropriate studs or jewelry to use so that you can have a hitch-free nose piercing experience.

1. Multiple Nostril Piercings

Multiple nostril piercing involves having either one side of your nostril pierced twice or being pierced on both sides of your nostril. The advantage of this type of nose piercing is that you can have a double nose piercing with a septum making it the best choice for many advanced ladies who knows what they want and have the resources always to change their jewelry.

Appropriate Nose Studs/Nose Piercing Jewelry

The professional will be able to decide the appropriate nose stud or nose piercing jewelry for you before carrying out multiple piercings on you.

What is the healing time for a multiple nostril piercing?

If you're thinking of getting multiple piercings, you should be ready to exercise more patience with the healing time. On average, the healing time for a multiple piercing is around five (5) to seven (7) months.

Your piercing specialist should be able to disseminate the correct information if your body will sustain multiple piercings or not. This will ensure you don't get pierced, which will not be okay with your body system.

2. Septum Nose Piercings

Septum nose piercing has become so popular among youths and upcoming stars. It is a piercing done by puncturing the cartilage of an individual nose. To fully grasp the idea behind septum piercings, you can read the ultimate step-by-step guide on septum piercing.

Appropriate Nose Studs or Nose Piercing Jewelry for Septum Nose Piercing

To successfully carry out a septum piercing, the ideal piercing jewelry would be a captive bead ring or a circular barbell with two metal balls.

What is the healing time for a septum piercing?

A professionally pierced septum will take between three (3) to five (5) months to heal while also engaging the best care practices daily.

3. Nostril Nose Piercings

The nostril nose piercing is the most common type among youths and celebrities. If you love an easy-to-wear and remove nose ring, opting for the nostril nose piercing will do. It is done mainly on one part of your nose, making you appear simple and outstanding.

Appropriate Nose Studs or Nose Piercing Jewelry for Nostril Nose Piercing

Since the nostril piercing is light, you can virtually use any nose pin to achieve a hitch-free piercing.

What is the healing time for nostril nose piercings?

If your body hormone is allergic to piercing and injury, it will take more time for you to accomplish perfectly healed nostril nose piercings. On average, it takes around three (3) to four (4) to achieve this with the best aftercare practices.

4. Bridge Nose Piercings

The bridge nose piercings are done primarily at the bridge of your nose. The bridge separating your eyebrow is delicate and should be handled by a professional since it doesn't contain cartilage. With this nose piercing, you'll hardly notice any pain after piercing.

Appropriate Nose Studs or Nose Piercing Jewelry for Bridge Nose Piercing

Without a doubt, you'll agree with me that the curved barbell will settle this type of nose piercing since there is no noticeable damage to the cartilage. Also, the circular barbell nose pin will make it easier to move in when changing to another nose ring.

What is the healing time for Bridge nose piercings?

The bridge nose piercing usually takes an average of three (3) to four (4) months to completely heal while keeping aftercare best practices to avoid infection.

5. Austin Bar Nose Piercings

The Austin Bar Piercing is the opposite of septum piercings as it involves piercing through the tip of your nose on both sides. This is not common among youths and celebrities. If you want to appear differently, piercing an Austin bar might help.

Appropriate Nose Studs or Nose Piercing Jewelry for Austin Bar Nose Piercing

An appropriate nose stud for an Austin bar nose piercing is a bar family. The straight barbell will help achieve the best Austin bar piercing, which is unsuitable for people with sharp nose tips.

What is the healing time for Austin Bar's nose piercings?

If you remember the healing time for a septum piercing, you should probably know how this will take. If you can't remember, here's the answer. An Austin bar nose piercing will take an average of three (3) to five (5) months to completely heal with aftercare best practices.

6. Rhino Nose Piercing

The rhino nose piercing, otherwise known as vertical tip piercing, is a type of nose piercing that involves puncturing a vertical hole through your cartilage. The rhino nose piercing type is very delicate and should require proper planning before undergoing such piercings.

Appropriate Nose Studs or Nose Piercing Jewelry for Rhino Nose Piercing

The curved barbell is the best choice to achieve this type of noise piercing since the piercing is made on the tip of your nose.

What is the healing time for Rhino nose piercings?

The rhino nose piercing is done on the cartilage of your nose; therefore, it requires thorough aftercare medical attention. Achieving a completely healed cartilage will take an average of six (6) to ten (10) months.

7. Septril Nose Piercings

Reports show that Septal piercing is one of the easiest and most fashionable kinds of piercings in recent times. It will puncture a single hole through your septum in an upward trend.

Appropriate Nose Studs or Nose Piercing Jewelry for septal Nose Piercing

Since this will involve piercing your cartilage, it is better to use a nose stud or nose bone that matches the piercing. The professional always recommends the best after thoroughly checking your cartilage's strength.

What is the healing time for septal nose piercings?

A septal piercing takes a longer time to heal since it involves cartilage. On average, a septal piercing takes around eight (8) to ten (10) to achieve a fully healed septal with aftercare best practices.

8. High Nostril Piercing

The high nostril piercing is another version of the bridge and nostril nose piercings. It involves piercing an individual's nose at the higher part of the bridge. This kind of nose piercing has a limitation on the jewelry to wear after undergoing piercing.

Appropriate Nose Studs or Nose Piercing Jewelry for high nostril Nose Piercing

The straight barbell is the best nose stud or nose piercing for this kind of nose piercing. This will ensure a hitch-free piercing since it's higher up the nose bridge.

What is the healing time for high nostril nose piercings?

Since the high nostril nose piercing does not involve puncturing the cartilage, it will take an average of three (3) to five (5) to achieve a completely healed nostril.

9. Nasallang Piercing

People looking for something more pronounced can opt for this nose piercing. The Nasallang piercing looks like the nostril piercing on both sides; it can also be positioned higher up towards the bridge.

Appropriate Nose Studs or Nose Piercing Jewelry for Nasallang Nose Piercing

The straight barbell will help accomplish this while using a single needle to achieve the septum part.

What is the healing time for Nasallang nose piercings?

The healing time for a Nasallang pierced person to get healed is around four (4) to six (6) months while also carrying aftercare best practices. The nasal should be thoroughly cleaned daily to avoid infection and itches.

Types of Nose Studs/Noise Piercing Jewelry

Let's list the appropriate nose studs or nose piercing jewelry.

1. Ring Hoop: If you love wearing a ring, then this should deliver what you want. The Ring hoop is best for people that want a ring, not a stud as piercing jewelry. This is the most popular and trending one used by virtually all professionals and piercers in the industry.

2. Nose Bone Stud: This type is spherically designed, with one end being smaller than the other.

3. Nose Hoop: This is quite popular because it looks like the septum rings. It has a hoop with a metal ball at one end of the metal. The hoop helps it to get locked at the nostril.

4. Curved Barbell: If you have seen a straight barbell, this should be familiar; it has a curve pin in the middle, making it appear like a hooky object.

5. Captive Bead Ring: This is like a full ring with a metal bead in the center of the circumference. It is easy to identify by merely looking at it.

6. L-Shaped Nose Pin: Just as the name implies, the L shape is similar to the nostril screw, but the only difference is that the screw in it is L-shaped.

7. Nostril Screw: If you have seen a hook, you should know what this looks like. It has a metal ball or a small stone at one end with a curved pathway that can easily fit into the nostril while rotating uniquely.

8. Straight Barbell: Although many believe this is the best for carrying out nostril piercing, it all depends on the professional. This one has two metal balls attached to both ends. Just as the name implies, it is straight and easy to use.

9. Horseshoe Hoop: Just as the name implies, Horseshoe, the nose pin is horseshoe-shaped metal with metal bearings clung to two hoop ends.

With the appropriate nose studs and nose piercing jewelry clearly defined, let's continue with the different types of nose piercings you can choose to make the most of your experience.

Where can I get a professional for my nose piercing?

You can get a professional nose piercer to help you with any mentioned nose piercing type in your local city, country, and region.

What types of nose piercing is best?

Depending on your taste and personality, nose studs are on the top list when considering a nose piercing type. Worth mentioning is that nose bones are short, and a straight barbell would end with a more prominent decoration.

Which side does a nose piercing look better on?

It also depends on your choice but on average, wearing your nose ring on the left side of your nose has always been the preferred side for many, which invariably makes it the best site to get pierced.

What does a nose ring symbolize?

A nose ring is compulsory for some cultures, and from statistics, many girls wear a nose ring to symbolize their ruggedness against society and traditional beliefs. At the same time, the piercing represents boldness, ruggedness, rebellion, intelligence, and freedom of choice.

Are L-shaped nose studs good?

If you haven't done any form of piercing, the L bends will be the best choice because they are easy to get in. This is also the best option for those who have trouble getting the U-shaped screw in and those who like to change their jewelry more often.

Key Takeaways

When choosing a nose piercing, ensure the professional use the appropriate tools. Do not visit an unskilled specialist who will use your body to learn. Before you opt for a multiple piercing, ensure your body can accommodate it for effective aftercare best practices.

Conclusion and what's Next?

You can choose from the nine types of nose piercings listed here. The curved barbells and L-shaped nose studs can be used to pierce any type of nostril piercing. Do check our catalog for the best body jewelry and nose rings.