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​Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Piercing

Curating a beautiful style with surface piercings are beauty decisions that come to you as you grow into adulthood. Such choices need critical thinking, a guide on what to opt for and how to do it, and possibly an ultimate guide if it's facial or eyebrow piercing.

Two options go hand in hand when making these choices, either to go for a tattoo or a piercing. Eyebrow piercing seems to be the most preferred choice after nose or belly piercings. And identifying the right placement for your eyebrow piercing is another thing to consider.

In this guide, you will discover the ultimate guide to eyebrow piercings, understand what rejection and migration are, the aftercare best practices, the healing time, the cost of carrying out an eyebrow piercing, the best jewelry to wear after an eyebrow piercing, and more.

That said, let's consider some basic terms related to eyebrow piercing for your quick understanding.

What’s Rejection and Migration in Eyebrow Piercing?

We can give rejection many definitions as it relates to piercing, but we will explain it in layman's language so you can get it. Simply put, rejection can occur if you introduce a foreign object to your body, like jewelry or piercing, and your body sees that object as a burden or threat to your health or wellbeing, then it's said to be a rejection.

While migration, on the hand, is when your piercing moves from its original position to a new one. There are two cases to these; firstly, we have partial migration - which occurs when the piercing moves slightly from the original position. Second is the full migration which can cause the piercing to close up from the initially migrated position. Moving further, we will define eyebrow piercing so you know where we are heading.

What’s Eyebrow Piercing Itself?

Eyebrow piercing isn't something different from what you know or have seen. It's simply a piercing done on the eyebrow. Although we have different placements for it, you can always check the eyebrow placement position to learn more and why you should consider getting one.

Who Is Qualified to Get an Eyebrow Piercing

For you to get any piercing, you must be above 18, and peradventure you are under, you would need your parents or guidance to sign a binding document which the piercers will present to you. The professional will tell you what to do if your parents or guidance aren't available to sign the binding document.

Where Can I Get Eyebrow Piercing Done?

A certified piercing shop is a highly recommended place to get your eyebrow piercing, and it must be a professional piercer that would do such a job for you.

You should not carry out an eyebrow piercing or any other type of piercing yourself at the home, office, or local shops. It is risky to carry out eyebrow piercing by yourself, and this scenario has led to the loss of lives.

You should have understood what we're about to discuss, right?

If you haven't, it's time to discuss the ultimate guide to eyebrow piercing. The cost of getting an eyebrow pierced, the healing time, the aftercare best practices, and side effects. That's not all; we will also outline the procedure to change your eyebrow piercing, the best jewelry to wear, and the material used for eyebrow piercing.

Are you ready to get this? If yes, get a cup of coffee, sit tight and read on.

The Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow piercing has become the new trending beauty style for young stars and celebrities. It's been said that people with eyebrow piercing naturally exhibit confidence in dealing with their daily activities. While this is true, considering the cost and the resultant effect you gain from being confident is worth trying.

What Is the Cost of Getting an Eyebrow Pierced?

Getting an eyebrow pierced can range between $20 - $50 cost. However, some professionals charge way higher than these prices, but you should always be on the lookout for the one that suits you and is pocket friendly. The essence is safety and not the price of the service. Some piercing shops and outlets add a piercing ring and material costs to the piercing, ultimately ensuring you save more money.

Jewelry Materials Used for Eyebrow Piercing

Several metal materials can go in for eyebrow piercing, but a professional recommends only two: gold and titanium.

Gold: If you choose gold for an eyebrow piercing, ensure you use 18k or 14k; it should not be gold-plated for the best result.

Titanium: Titanium is often the most preferred and best for people with sensitive skin and a high rate of jewelry rejection statistics. Choosing titanium will ensure quality and safety for your health and well being.

How Long Does It Take for an Eyebrow Piercing to Heal?

Naturally, your eyebrow piercing takes about three to five months to heal completely. Depending on your body's anatomy, it may take longer, be on the lookout for any changes as some factors may cause a longer time to heal.

For instance, if you're a sports person and you probably hit it on an object would elongate the healing time. Also, your lifestyle can still contribute. During the healing time for an eyebrow piercing, ensure you do not participate or engage in some physical exercise or sport like riding a bicycle or other related sports.

What Are the Aftercare Best Practices for an Eyebrow Piercing?

Undoubtedly, there are no secrets to attaining complete wholeness for an eyebrow piercing. A good start is obtaining the perfect jewelry, which will follow how you care for yourself as the month progresses.

Following these schedules would help you achieve a complete healing adventure for your eyebrow piercing. In the first three months or so, ensure you adhere to all your piercer's instructions and guidelines. If you can overcome the headaches and pains accompanying it for this period, you can scale through the other healing processes.

If you find it difficult to bear the pains, ensure to meet your piercer to either remove or recommend what to do immediately.

You'll also have to consider your lifestyle if you like outing, reducing it during this period might help. Get enough sleep, eat right and kindly drink enough water to help speed up the healing process.

Also, clean your eyebrow piercing with soap and water. Although, soap doesn't work to speed the healing process of your eyebrow piercing. If you have sensitive skin, ensure to get recommended skin cleanser to avoid elongating your healing time.

That said, you should also not overlook your skincare and brow grooming daily care routine. Do not apply any face cream, serums, creams, makeup, hairspray, or any foreign object that may cause potential irritation to your face/skin.

And finally, you know this is to ensure you have hitch-free healing for your eyebrow piercing. Make sure you follow the suggestions and guidelines for your safety and wellbeing.

What Are the Side Effects Associated With Eyebrow Piercing?

Several side effects accompany eyebrow piercing, whether done right or not. We have mentioned rejection and migration, which are some of the side effects of eyebrow piercing, and the big one among them is infection.

Infections do happen to an eyebrow-pierced person but on a rare basis. And some of the symptoms that give you signs of infection are

the appearance of a greenish or brown pus

jaw swollen

feeling sick like you have a fever

If you notice any of these symptoms, ensure you visit your piercer for recommendations and immediate treatment.

What Is the Procedure to Change a New Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry?

If your eyebrow piercing heals smoothly after about seven to eight weeks, you can replace your jewelry with a new one that resonates with your style or pattern. Ensure you don't do this by yourself; go back to your piercer or seek a professional if where you did your piercing is far away from you.

You will probably not buy the replacement as many piercing shops give out extra jewelry for a replacement to appreciate you for patronizing them.

Several defects could occur if you replace the jewelry by yourself improperly. One of such is a possible close up or suffering trauma and damage to your face like a scar.

Some of the Best Jewelry to Wear After Getting an Eyebrow Piercing.

You'll agree that whatever you put on can bring out your beauty or make you look awkward. However, do not be in haste in choosing the best jewelry for your eyebrow piercing.

You should consider the type of metal, shape, and jewelry size before opting for the one that suits your style. Doing this will ensure you don't waste your money on what you will later not use or wear. Let's talk about the types as it relates to eyebrow piercing jewelry.

Hoop: This is a famous style of earing for the eyebrow that looks amazing when worn. This type is best worn when your piercing is completely healed. You can only wear the hoop ring type after you have worn the barbell type for four to six months.

Curve barbell: There are several choices for curved barbell eyebrow piercing rings. The straight barbell, hoop, circular barbell, and spiral are a few of the barbell styles you can wear. But it's highly recommended that you wear a curve barbell so that the pierced part can heal quickly. Wearing any other type of jewelry makes it challenging to heal.

Conclusion & What's Next?

Eyebrow piercing will no doubt bring out your beauty, exhume confidence and ultimately perform excellently in your daily activities. But it's difficult and easy to achieve a good eyebrow piercing, so you must check on essential updates on the cost, healing time, aftercare, and any side effect before embarking on an eyebrow piercing.

What’s Next?

Before getting an eyebrow piercing, seek professional advice or read articles on the topic. Do not carry an eyebrow piercing by yourself or at any shop that's not certified for your health and general safety purposes.