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What Are The Best Materials For Body Jewelry?

Body jewelry is both a fashion statement and a form of self-expression. It is an excellent method for giving your appearance more of an edgy vibe and emphasizing the positive aspects of your appearance. You will have no trouble choosing something you adore with so many body jewelry styles! However, the question here is: what are the best materials for body jewelry?

Body piercings are made of many different materials, some of which are suitable while others are not. Some options are more suitable for fresh piercings, whereas others are only advised for use in fully healed piercings or temporary usage. The inappropriate material might inhibit the body's natural ability to heal or trigger an allergy. Find out everything you need about body jewelry by reading this guide to select a harmless option for your piercing.

The Association of Piercing Professionals (APP) lists seven materials that are safe to use for body piercings:


Gold is undoubtedly the best option for a piercing material. The greater the grade of the metal, the purer it will be and the fewer alloys and potential allergies it will have. Thus, 14k gold is a solid, sturdy metal that generally works well with the biology of our bodies, so long as it is nickel-free.

Always use at least 14k gold for piercings that are still healing, as it contains fewer alloys than low-quality gold. In addition, initially choose yellow or white gold, then switch to rose gold once the piercing has completely healed. If you select white gold, ensure that it does not include nickel; some jewelers combine their gold with nickel to obtain a silver hue.


Platinum is not very commonly used, being one of the most expensive materials for body jewelry, but it does produce exceptional, long-lasting items. Platinum is highly resilient, contributing to its recent rise in demand for wedding rings.

It takes less maintenance than gold and is an excellent choice for daily-wear jewelry. Platinum is also purer than gold, with the bulk of platinum jewelry containing at least 85% platinum. In addition, because of its purity, it is highly suggested for fresh piercings.


Titanium is likely the most popular metal for new piercings since it is comfortable owing to its lightweight. Titanium is one of the best-grade metals as it contains very few irritants and is so pure that it is suitable for everyone. Titanium is an intriguing material because it can be colored harmlessly and safely. Even if the color diminishes, the wearer will not be negatively affected.

Moreover, titanium is quite body-friendly because of its low nickel content. This metal is incredibly robust and immune to seawater corrosion. Extremely hypoallergenic and readily fashioned into various jewelry forms, it includes curved piercings and many other shapes.


Niobium is highly comparable to titanium, albeit it is a bit heavier and on the pricier side. Like titanium, it may be coated to produce multiple colors and is biocompatible because it does not react with bodily fluids. Additionally, because it is naturally purer, it is hypoallergenic. Niobium is a substance with minimal toxicity that is bendable and soft. This makes molding into body-piercing jewelry such as hoops and other distinctive shapes easier.

In addition, the metal is impervious to air, bodily fluids, and cleaning agents. This means it is simple to clean and maintain, particularly for new piercings. Niobium is gaining favor as a body jewelry material due to its similarity to titanium; nevertheless, as it is more expensive than titanium, most people will prefer titanium over niobium.

Surgical Steel

Surgical steel is widely used for new piercings due to its medical standards, affordability, and compliance with safety regulations. However, not all surgical steel is created equal, and you must pick a grade suitable for your piercings; certain surgical steel alloys, like nickel, might cause skin irritation.

It is less expensive than other high-quality metals. Moreover, surgical steel is utilized by medical specialists expressly for internal usage and is a frequent material for bone implants. Thus it is generally safe for internal body use.


Glass is an approved healing medium for piercings. It is simple to sanitize, its surface finish is ideal for healing, and it has a relaxing, excellent texture. Moreover, there are numerous colors, styles, and designs available. The appearance is somewhat more distinctive than metal varieties.

However, glass is fragile and could shatter, which could harm a healing piercing. Glass can also shatter in your piercing, so while it is comfortable for healing, it may not be ideal if your piercing is in a highly active region. This makes it unsuitable for some kinds of piercings.

Biocompatible Polymers

Common biocompatible polymers used in piercing materials are:


Silicone is somewhat higher quality than acrylic, making it a better alternative if you want something to endure slightly longer.


Tygon is often prescribed to those with severe metal sensitivities.


Acrylic is an excellent choice if you want a piece of jewelry that won't turn your skin green. In addition, acrylic is quite affordable. This makes it an extremely cost-effective solution for individuals who stretch their piercings and need to change their jewelry every few months.


Bioplast is a synthetic, flexible substance composed of plastic and biological components. It is hypoallergenic, which makes it a popular option for anyone with metal allergies. One of the benefits of a bioplast is that it is simple to sanitize. Therefore, bioplast jewelry can be worn in new and healed piercings.

Where Can I Find Jewelry Made of The Best Materials?

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