Cute and Unique Catcher Nose Stud L Bend A Dangle Boujee Baddie Accessory

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Introducing our "Cute and Unique Catcher Nose Stud L Bend," the perfect accessory for the boujee baddie in you. This nose stud is not just an ordinary piece; it's a carbon-neutral, eco-friendly choice that lets you express your style with a guilt-free conscience.

Crafted with love, this nose stud features an adorable L bend design that adds a playful touch to your look. Its dangle charm is the epitome of uniqueness, making it a statement piece that will set you apart from the crowd.

Made from high-quality gold-plated brass, this nose stud shines with elegance and sophistication. The 20-gauge thickness ensures a comfortable fit for your nose piercing, and its untwist type makes it easy to wear and remove.

As a gold-plated accessory, this nose stud exudes luxury and glamour, elevating your style to new heights. Embrace your inner baddie and conquer the fashion scene with confidence and empowerment.

Please note that this nose stud is not suitable for those with brass or steel allergies. For everyone else, embrace the cuteness, uniqueness, and boujee vibes with this one-of-a-kind nose stud that complements your individuality. Wear it proudly, knowing you're making a fashion statement while being environmentally conscious with our carbon-neutral design.

Carbon Neutral

Wire Gauge (Thickness):- 20 Gauge (Standard)

Materials:- gold plated Brass

Type:- Nose Stud Untwist Type

Plating Type :- Gold 

if you are allergic to brass or steel do not use

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