Evil Eye Handmade Dangle Ball Nose Hoop Piercing

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Introducing our mesmerizing Evil Eye Handmade Dangle Ball Nose Hoop Piercing, a captivating and unique accessory that combines the protective power of the evil eye symbol with the elegance of a dangle ball design.

✔ EVIL EYE HANDMADE DANGLE: This nose hoop piercing features a handmade evil eye charm that dangles gracefully from the hoop. The evil eye is a symbol of protection and warding off negative energy, making it a meaningful and stylish addition to your nose adornment. Let the Evil Eye Handmade Dangle Ball Nose Hoop Piercing enhance your nose beauty while bringing positive vibes and spiritual significance.

✔ UNIQUE HANDMADE DESIGN: Each nose hoop is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring attention to detail and a one-of-a-kind piece. The evil eye charm is carefully created with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, reflecting the artisanal craftsmanship and cultural significance.

✔ VERSATILE ACCESSORY: Our Evil Eye Handmade Dangle Ball Nose Hoop Piercing is suitable for various occasions. Whether you're embracing your spiritual beliefs, seeking protection, or simply adding a touch of individuality to your everyday style, this nose hoop complements a wide range of outfits.


✔ EASY TO WEAR: The hoop design of this nose piercing allows for easy wearing and removal. Simply open the hoop, insert it into your piercing, and secure it in place. The dangle ball adds movement and grace to your nose adornment.

✔ SYMBOLIC PROTECTION: The evil eye charm is believed to protect against negative energies and bring good luck and fortune. Wear this nose hoop as a symbol of spiritual protection and to attract positive vibes into your life.

✔ HANDMADE ARTISTRY: Due to the handmade nature of each nose hoop, slight variations in patterns and colors may occur. Embrace the individuality and artistry of your Evil Eye Handmade Dangle Ball Nose Hoop Piercing.


  • Design: Evil Eye Handmade Dangle Ball Nose Hoop Piercing
  • Material: High-quality metal
  • Handcrafted with intricate evil eye charm
  • Versatile and suitable for various occasions
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Symbolic and protective accessory

Embrace spiritual protection and individual style with our Evil Eye Handmade Dangle Ball Nose Hoop Piercing. Let the unique evil eye charm and graceful dangle ball reflect your beliefs and add a touch of mystique to your overall look. Order now and embrace the captivating allure of this handmade accessory.


  • Material: Stainless Steel gems beads
  • Plating: Gold 
  • Size: Pin Thickness:20 Gauge (0.8mm) 
  • Hoop diameter:8mm-10mm
  • Shape pattern: nose hoop

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