Vera nose cuff

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Introducing the Vera Flower Cute Nose Cuff, a charming and delightful accessory that brings a touch of whimsy to your nose.

✔ ADORABLE FLOWER DESIGN: The Vera Nose Cuff features a cute flower motif that adds a playful and feminine touch to your overall look. The intricate details of the flower design make it a charming and eye-catching piece of jewelry.

✔ VIBRANT COLORS: This nose cuff is available in a variety of vibrant colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your style and personality. Whether you prefer soft pastels or bold and bright shades, there's a Vera Nose Cuff that will perfectly complement your unique aesthetic.

✔ SECURE AND COMFORTABLE FIT: The Vera Nose Cuff is designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit. It is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that it sits comfortably on your nose without causing any discomfort or irritation.

✔ VERSATILE STYLE: The Vera Flower Cute Nose Cuff is a versatile accessory that can be worn for various occasions. Whether you're dressing up for a special event or adding a touch of whimsy to your everyday look, this nose cuff effortlessly enhances your style.

✔ DURABLE AND HIGH-QUALITY: This nose cuff is made to last. It is crafted with durable materials that can withstand daily wear and tear. The vibrant colors are fade-resistant, ensuring that your Vera Nose Cuff retains its beauty over time.


✔ PLAYFUL FLOWER DESIGN: Adorable flower motif that adds a touch of whimsy. ✔ VIBRANT COLORS: Available in a variety of colors to suit your style. ✔ SECURE AND COMFORTABLE FIT: Designed for a secure and comfortable wear. ✔ VERSATILE STYLE: Enhances both formal and casual outfits. ✔ DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING: Made with high-quality materials for lasting beauty.


  • Design: Vera Flower Cute Nose Cuff
  • Material: High-quality metal with vibrant colors
  • Comfortable and secure fit

Embrace the charm and playfulness of the Vera Flower Cute Nose Cuff. With its adorable flower design, vibrant colors, and comfortable fit, it's the perfect accessory to showcase your unique style and personality. Elevate your nose jewelry collection with the Vera Flower Cute Nose Cuff and let your whimsical side shine.

Handmade Jewelry

Carbon Neutral

Stone :- Cubic Zircon (CZ)

Materials:- 925 Sterling Silver

Type:- Nose Cuff, Clip On

Plating Type :- Gold (Nickel-Free Plating)


tarnishes Free, water friendly , hypoallergenic, nickel free & lead free


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