Webbed Wonder Belly Button Spider

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Mystical Fascination: Spin a web of enchantment with the Webbed Wonder Belly Button Spider. With its captivating spider design, this belly button jewelry captures the essence of intricate craftsmanship and eerie beauty, adding an enigmatic touch to your Halloween ensemble.
Premium Durability: Carefully fashioned from top-quality materials, this belly button accessory ensures both resilience and comfort. The polished finish guarantees a secure and seamless fit, allowing you to showcase your spooky style with confidence and ease throughout the Halloween celebrations.
Versatile Appeal: Whether you're embodying a witchy enchantress or a mysterious sorceress, the Webbed Wonder Belly Button Spider effortlessly complements various Halloween ensembles, making it an essential addition to your collection of spooky accessories.
Effortless Wear: Designed for easy application, this belly button jewelry boasts a user-friendly design that allows for hassle-free insertion and removal. Its compact size ensures comfortable wear, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in the Halloween festivities without any inconvenience.
Eerie Charm: Elevate your Halloween look with the haunting allure of the Webbed Wonder Belly Button Spider. Let its intricate design and spooky details become the focal point of your ensemble, enchanting all who encounter its eerie and mysterious appeal.


Material :bar is stainless steel ,charm is brass

Size and gauge: 14g/1.6*10mm

Color: black with red gems

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