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​How to Identify the Right Placement for Your Eyebrow Piercing

If you're looking for a more stylish piercing that perfectly fits your style, opting for an eyebrow piercing would give you that feel. But finding the right placement for your eyebrow piercing can be daunting; if wrongly done, it can permanently produce a scar on your face, which is very difficult and expensive to remove.

People believed that having an eyebrow piercing is ascribed to rebels and punks until popular celebrities like Beyoncé and Emma Stone unveiled their eyebrow piercings before the world took it as a fashion. Identifying the right placement for eyebrow piercing goes beyond just popping into a salon and walking out with a new ring.

Your body anatomy, the position the piercing will be placed in, the healing time, the aftercare best practices, and the place to get your eyebrow piercing are vital things to consider before undergoing any eyebrow piercing for healthy living. The ultimate guide to eyebrow piercing explains more.

If you are ready to identify the right placement for your eyebrow piercing, first, you'll need to know the type of eyebrow piercing before getting the piercing itself.

That said, let's consider the different types of eyebrow piercing placement available today.

Types of Eyebrow Piercing Placement Available for You Today

Just like the nose, belly, and other piercings, eyebrow piercing is one of the piercings that have several placement positions. Whether you're only considering having an eyebrow piercing that appeals to your status, taste, or style, considering the position to place your eyebrow is paramount to your face, health, and general well-being. To not bored you with so much grammar, let's see the various types of eyebrow piercing placement available for you today.

1. Anti-eyebrow

2. horizontal eyebrow

3. vertical bridge eyebrow

4. bridge eyebrow

Let's discuss the positions, placement, pros, cons, jewelry used to carry out these piercings, the best types of jewelry to wear after piercing, and why you should choose any of them as your preferred eyebrow placement positioning.

1. Below the Eyebrow or Anti-eyebrow Placement Piercing Position:

The below-the-eyebrow or anti-eyebrow placement piercing position is often referred to as teardrop piercing since it's done right below the eyebrow. The placement of this piercing is through the tissue at the highest point of your cheekbone. Done close to the outer edge of your eye.

Since your eyebrow may be rightly dependent on your human anatomy, identifying the right placement type of piercing will favor you in terms of healing time as there is an option to choose the horizontal, diagonal, or any pattern. The professional recommends placement positions with enough tissue to allow easy pinching.

That's not all; you should also think about a more natural and comfortable method for your skin to be pinched. It should ensure the piercing isn't located close to any wrinkle line on your face. And not also close to your eyes since it may cause eye damage.

Type of Jewelry Used for Anti-eyebrow Piercing

The curved barbell or a surface bar will work fine to carry out the anti-eyebrow placement piercing. After properly examining your face or body anatomy, the professional will know the type of jewelry to use.


If punctured and positioned rightly, its healing time is usually short and can accommodate any jewelry style and type.


An offensive result of this piercing placement is that it's near your capillaries which can cause black eyes if punctured. Another is that ensure you don't lay on the side of the new piercing during sleep so as not to cause irritability.

Best Jewelry to Wear After a Successful Anti-eyebrow Piercing?

Different jewelry options are available to wear after a successful teardrop or anti-eyebrow placement position piercing. Usually, you can wear a gold curved barbell type of ring until it heals completely before switching to any other kind of jewelry.

2. Horizontal Placement Position Piercing

The horizontal eyebrow placement position piercing has, in recent times, gained so much popularity among celebrities. It is done on the surface, and its placement is threefold. It's either below, above, or within the brow. It's common for the horizontal placement position to be at a slight angle to suit and enhance your natural anatomy properly.

This placement position will almost want you to test different placement positions in the mirror as it can affect your natural facial expression.

Type of Jewelry Used for Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing

To undergo a successful horizontal eyebrow piercing, the surface bar and curved barbell are suitable jewelry types you can use to curate the perfect styling for your taste. Although some professionals do not use tools or jewelry anymore to carry out horizontal eyebrow piercing placement.


A fantastic aspect of horizontal placement position piercing is that you can do it to fits any position of your choice in the face.


It can affect the natural expression of your face, which in most cases will allow people to presume you're angry even when you are happy. Overall it affects your natural resting face.

Best Jewelry to Wear After a Successful Horizontal Piercing?

The horizontal placement piercing can accommodate a variety of jewelry types. A gold curved barbell would make all the difference to your piercing until it completely heals. It would be better if you do not wear gold-plated jewelry because it can irritate you.

3. Vertical Eyebrow Placement Position Piercing

The usual spot for a vertical eyebrow piercing is towards the outer third or a quarter of the brow. However, this placement is the most stylish and pleasing on the face if placed perpendicular to the eyebrow. The slant of the piercing reflecting the angle from the outer corner of the eye to the outer edge of the eyebrow will ensure the piercing position is ideally suitable.

This placement is slanted because if the placement is outrightly vertical, the jewelry may not make sense on the carrier. Specifically, if the ring is worn, the ring will stick straight out instead of resting against the eyebrow in a natural-looking perspective.

Since the standard placement position is toward the outer quarter or third of the brow, it is worth noting that the piercing can go on any side along the brow. The area of the piercing must have enough tissue to support the piercing.

Type of Jewelry Used for Vertical Eyebrow Piercing

This piercing will automatically align with a curved barbell or ring. The professional will know the kind of jewelry to use after carefully examining your body's anatomy.


The slant or quarter position on your face makes it looks natural and attractive to the eyes. You will likely not feel any pain since it's the usual position for eyebrow piercing.


If the vertical eyebrow placement is not positioned correctly can make one look awkward and unattractive, ultimately wasting time and resources.

Best Jewelry to Wear After a Successful Vertical Piercing?

The barbell jewelry type will help curate a beautiful style and should be gold-plated. Wear real gold to avoid irritation and migration

4. Bridge Eyebrow Placement Position Piercing

The bridge eyebrow placement piercing is also referred to as the mid-brow piercing. The bridge piercing placement begins as high as the top of the eyebrows and can go as low as the bridge of the nose.

It depends on your body and facial anatomy since the goal is to pierce wherever you have the most pierceable tissue. The reason is that the piercing needs to be carried out perpendicular to the tissue. If it is done too slim or shallow will have a high chance of rejection.

Type of Jewelry Used for Bridge Eyebrow Piercing

When doing the bridge type of placement piercing, it is recommended that you use the straight barbell. Using the curved barbell could mean there's not much tissue to support it and may have a high chance of rejection.


If successful, it gives you a gorgeous look, ultimately presenting you as a more confident and attractive person.


Furthermore, wearing glasses might make it difficult for this placement piercing to heal. This is due to the possibility that the piercing will become irritated whenever you remove the sunglasses.

If it is done too slim or shallow will have a high chance of rejection.

Best Jewelry to Wear After a Successful Bridge Piercing?

The straight barbell titanium jewelry would help curate a fantastic style and experience. You can also look out for other jewelry that would fit your style.

5. Vertical Bridge

The vertical bridge has often been referred to as a third eye piercing located slightly below the center of your forehead with the ability to be pierced lower or higher depending on your anatomy allows it.

Type of Jewelry Used for Vertical Bridge Eyebrow Piercing

A perfect match for this piercing placement is a flat surface bar or a dermal anchor to curate a cozier style. A dermal anchor will cause more pain since a dermal punch has a more painful history than using the surface bar. Although both are still being considered surface piercings.


It's easy to heal due to its placement, for you typically do not bang your head or something, so it's difficult for something to irritate the piercing while it heals.


If you use a dermal anchor, there will be more pain since a dermal punch is a more painful piercing than a regular surface bar.

Best Jewelry to Wear After a Successful Vertical Bridge Piercing?

You can wear gold jewelry but make sure it's not gold-plated since gold-plated jewelry can irritate the pierced part.

How Would You Now Pick or Identify the Right Piercing Placement?

First, you have to ask yourself what placement would curate the best look for you. Do you like the one you have chosen? If yes, you need to check out a professional piercer that will examine your body anatomy for the best placement. If your choice doesn't match your anatomy, the professional will recommend a closer one to your chosen placement.

Huh, that's virtually how to identify the right placement piercing position for eyebrow piercing.