999 Release Angel number Nose Stud

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Let’s decorate your nose and boost your personality level with this 999-angel number nose stud. Its multi-style design and color will never go out of trend as far as the fashion world is concerned.


999 NUMBER STUD: We are here to introduce this 999-angel number nose stud that really shows off your charisma.  The beautiful design and color tone of this jewelry is well-suited for any occasion.

DECORATE YOUR NOSE: This 999-angel number nose stud is made from a premium quality sterling silver material. If you want to decorate your nose in an adorable way, then this nose stud would be the perfect choice for you.



  • This 999-angel number nose stud is made from high-quality sterling silver material
  • The beautiful number design and shiny color of this jewelry will decorate your nose with charm  
  • It is hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear
  • Available color (Gold)


  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Wire Gauge (Thickness):- 20 Gauge (Standard)
  • Stone :- Cubic Zirconia (CZ)
  • Materials:- 925 Sterling Silver
  • Type:- Nose Stud L SHAPE OR CORKSCREW
  • Plating Type :- Gold (Nickel-Free Plating)
  • Gem Color : CLEAR

tarnishes Free, water friendly , hypoallergenic, nickel free & lead free

 Our collection of water-friendly jewelry is designed to last a lifetime. Made of sterling silver, the pieces in the collection are hypoallergenic and free from nickel, lead, and other metals that can cause irritation to skin. 

♡ As for storing your pieces, we suggest keeping it in a separate compartment at the bottom of your jewelry box, wrapped up in soft cloth or tarnish bag. Ensure that your pieces are stored away from each other and not piled together. Any contact with skin or excessive movement can cause scratches and may damage the finish of your jewelry, so avoid direct physical contact and excessive movement

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