Which Piercing Fits Your personality or Lifestyle?

Posted by YoniDa’Punani on 5th Sep 2022

Which Piercing Fits Your personality or Lifestyle?

Have you been searching for the perfect piercing to make you appear more decent and professional? That has been the case for many who desire to get one piercing or the other. To know the kind of piercing that fits your personality and Lifestyle, start with identifying the different types of nose piercings and other piercings available today.

You don't want a piercing that would go against your job, social life, and your long-term plan for your body. So, to balance this, you must read this article to discover the various piercings that fit each individual and their work ethics.

To this end, let's start with the relevant questions you must consider before engaging in any form of piercing.

Does your job allow you to have a piercing?

This is one of the most critical questions you must provide an answer to before opting for a piercing. Although people and places have evolved, you must consider workplace ethics to have a visible piercing. Some people believe tattoos or piercings are abnormal and should not be brought to the workplace, making it unprofessional.

On the other hand, employers are clear about the expectations on appearance such that autonomy is not placed in the hand of the individual. Therefore, opting for facial piercings or a visible surface piercing wouldn't be something on the table until you're brief with your job descriptions and modalities.

So, peradventure piercings are allowed, and you should consider getting one to curate your style and appearance.

Does your school allow piercing, or would you be able to hide your piercing for work/school?

To ensure you maneuver your way through school or work, you should consider a piercing that is not visible. If your school or work doesn't allow piercing, or probably you're not ready to reveal a new appearance to your parents, opting for a hidden piercing would be the best option.

And there are various piercings available today that you can opt for while keeping them a secret until you're ready to quit the hide and see.

Are you into sports or activities where piercing is not allowed?

If you love one activity or the other, having a piercing would eventually lead to your superior snagging you or getting rid of it. It would help if you considered opting for a nonvisible piercing. If you play an active role in sport or have a hobby where surfacing could trigger a replacement, then inquire about a piercing that can be tucked away as soon as possible.

What kind of piercing can a professional or corporate individual have?

If you love sport, have a project or job to maintain, or want to keep your piercing private, consider the following suggestions. These piercings will help you maintain your boldness and appearance while delivering your professional duty.

Mind you, engaging in these piercings will to some extent, guarantee alternative hiding for your piercings.

1. Septum piercing

A septum piercing is a perfect choice if you're dealing with initial acceptance and challenges with having a piercing. If you do not want to lose your job or don't want to show it at work, you can wear a retainer. Also, if you play sports and you are bothered about snagging? Then, you can turn most horseshoe-style jewelry into a unique design for your nose. Whatever the challenges you face, a septum piercing is a perfect solution you could get

If you don't like septum piercing, you can also consider a naval piercing that could provide you with the best inspiration.

2. Naval piercing

If you're in a situation where a facial piercing would be a challenge or a cartilage piercing would pique unwanted results, then opting for a naval piercing would solve it all. Your job might also threaten a modified look; you can opt for a naval or belly ring that your colleagues may never see or know about.

Or, if you're worried about sports, a belly ring or retainers come with flat ends that will be less likely to snag. You can consider these options while keeping your job and mode modest.

If you love the sensation emanating from nipple touch, opting for a nipple piercing might be your best guard.

3. Nipple piercing

The nipple piercing is another perfect type to opt for if you want to show off beauty to your spouse or partner. Sports persons might find this uncomfortable, but the usual corporate worker will find this amazing while exhilarating the feelings of completeness. Nipple jewelry properly worn can curate the perfect feelings while daring for acceptance peradventure you miss out on that.

4. Intimate piercing

The intimate piercing type is another unique form that reveals your true sexual strength during piercing. This is done around or in your genital parts; no one knows if you have it except your partner(s).

So, if you are in the corporate world, this should serve as another best option.

Key Takeaways

It would help if you thought critically before opting for any piercing, as it will have much to do with you. Body piercing is personal, and modifying your body to align with your job, hobby and profession should be thoughtfully reasoned.

Conclusion and what's Next?

Answer all questions above before opting for any piercing. You can opt for these four (4) types of piercings if your job doesn't allow facial piercing.

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